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Across the board (cutting boards)

What’s the center of your kitchen food-safety program? If it’s not the cutting boards, your efforts to produce pathogen-free food stand little chance of succeeding. In fact, kitchen cutting boards

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Common Credit Card Processing Problems

Washington Hospitality Credit Card Program  A good merchant account usually makes processing credit card payments simple and straightforward. But things can sometimes go wrong, so it helps to have an

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First Aid Training – Everyone needs it

Knowing first aid means you’re more likely to know what to do to help someone in case of emergency.  1. You’ll be more prepared as a parent. If you’re a

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Tablet POS (headache?)

When selecting a point of sales system, many different questions can arise. A merchant shouldn’t have any problems with a recently purchased POS system if the purchase has been researched

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Credit card fraud (focuses on web)

By Fred O. Williams Association POS  Fraudsters are shifting their tactics in the face of new card security measures – but consumers can fight back to protect their accounts with tactics

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OBAMACARE (Reporting requirements still in place!)

Healthcare Solutions Employers subject to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) information reporting requirements are reminded that the deadlines to file and furnish Forms 1094 and 1095 are quickly approaching. The

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Will mobile payments kill credit cards?

Credit Card Processing We have no shortage of ways to process credit cards today, however, for the savvy, the future of credit card processing is in the digital space. We’re

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3 things you must consider (when looking at POS)

Retailers need to address three imperatives to build an advanced POS system that enhances customer satisfaction and strengthens cross-selling efforts. These include: Meet the needs of mobile and Web-savvy customers:


OSHA Emergency Action Plans (Emergencies and Evacuations)

Claims Prevention Solutions Nobody expects an emergency or disaster — especially one that affects them, their employees, and their business personally. Yet the simple truth is that emergencies and disasters


Is it time to change your POS?

Reprinted from Aloha NCR With NCR Aloha, the wait is over. Our multi-functional restaurant POS solution gives operators all the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace of service.


Credit Card Processing (a guide to fees)

Estimates of the use of credit cards in hotels have been compiled by CBRE Hotels Americas Research, and along with rising percentages of revenue derived from commissions, risk has declined with

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Training Hack: Developing an Effective Training Process

by Deven Bhagwandin Claims Prevention Solution The hospitality and restaurant industries can be high-stress jobs. Employees must be able to multi-task and adapt to any situation quickly, all while on the move

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Avoid Getting your POS Hacked

By Cameron Camp  Point Of Sale Hackers target retailers during the holiday shopping frenzy each year, so here are a few tips to avoid becoming a victimized business owner, and

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Hidden credit fees? (here’s what to look for)

by Janet Maragioglio  Membership Credit Card Processing  Before you finalize that credit card application, stop to read the fine print. Remember, credit card companies are businesses first and foremost. No

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What did Black Friday tell us about mobile payments?

By Andy Brown  NCR – Aloha   Point of Sale Systems Every year, retailers look forward to Black Friday – the sales event that makes the biggest in-store shopping day of