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Get Better Credit Card Terms Simply by Asking

By Michelle Crouch If you want better terms on your credit card, all you really have to do is call your card company and ask, a new survey shows. Whether you


Don’t Trip Up: Preventing Slips & Falls

It just takes one quick slip. A greasy floor, a buckling mat or uneven flooring could send an employee or guest to the hospital and land your business with an

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Housekeepers’ Health & Safety in the Workplace

Ergonomics is the science of designing jobs, equipment, and workplaces to fit the person. The application of ergonomics to housekeeping is an extremely beneficial way to reduce pain/discomfort, lower the


The Positives and Negatives of Digital Payments

Thinking about integrating mobile payments into your payment options? While only 16% of consumers have utilized digital payments, many more would be willing to use it as their primary payment method


8 Facts Every Restaurateur Must Know About Card Processing

Payment cards are a commonly used form of payment at most restaurants. If understood and managed correctly, your payment-card processing can add to greater profits with reasonable costs. Here is


Restaurants: Save Money and Keep Employees Safe

Comprehensive safety training has far reaching effects on your business. Not only is it beneficial to have safety measures in place, but the law requires employers to provide their employees with

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Credit card fraud (focuses on web)

By Fred O. Williams Association POS  Fraudsters are shifting their tactics in the face of new card security measures – but consumers can fight back to protect their accounts with tactics

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Seattle Hospitality Summit

Register today for the first-ever Washington Hospitality Summit, presented by Food Services of America. Register here! Register today for the first-ever Washington Hospitality Summit, presented by Food Services of America.

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Safety meeting (starter sheet)

Use this link to find a great agenda for topics to discuss at your next safety meeting. Restaurant_and_Kitchen_Safety_Tips


A primer on credit card processing

Click for detailed Infographic Click for Association Credit Card Processing Program information  Glossary: Acquirer: A bank that processes and settles a merchant’s credit card transactions with the help of a

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What is “interchange” processing?

Hospitality Association credit card processing program Interchange is a fee that is set by the credit card brands (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover®) and their stakeholders (mainly the banks

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Handling Beef

How do you know if your staff is safe? Make them ServeSafe!  Raw Beef Beef should be chilled immediately after it is received. Since meat freezes at 28F and microbial

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Washington Hospitality First Aid Burns are injuries to tissues caused by heat, friction, electricity, radiation, or chemicals. Scalds are a type of burn caused by a hot liquid or steam.

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The guts of payment processing

Parties Involved Before you can begin to understand processing fees, you need to know about the parties involved with them. Consider these the financial “middlemen” between a customer and merchant.

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Across the board (cutting boards)

What’s the center of your kitchen food-safety program? If it’s not the cutting boards, your efforts to produce pathogen-free food stand little chance of succeeding. In fact, kitchen cutting boards