Be a Germ-Buster!Hand washing signs
Food service establishments are required to post hand washing reminder signs for employees.

Keep it healthy
Germs are easy to spread. Sick food workers may not work with food or food-contact surfaces.

Keep it untouched
Bare hands may have germs that can spread to food. Ready-to-eat foods may not be handled with bare hands.

Keep it Separate
Cross contamination is the spread of bacteria from raw meat to other foods.

Keep it Hot
The food in this unit must be kept at or above 140 degrees F.

Keep it cold
The food in this unit must be kept at or below 41 degrees F.

Keep it hot or cold
Bacteria may grow in potentially hazardous foods. Keep potentially hazardous foods out of the Danger Zone (41 degrees F – 140 degrees F) for safety.

Cool it quickly
Cooling hot foods rapidly is important to prevent illness-causing bacteria from growing in food.

Keep your hands off my food
No bare hand contact with ready-to-eat foods.