ServSafe Allergen – Food Allergy Training

About the training

Online course & exam: $25
Available in English and Spanish
60 minutes to complete

The Washington Hospitality Association is taking the first step to help the Washington state hospitality industry ensure that their staff are educated on how to serve guests with special food allergy needs. We offer an online employee level training (ServSafe Allergen).

ServSafe Allergen is a comprehensive solution that delivers consistent allergens training for people who prepare food. This course is appropriate for anyone who prepares food including back of the house employees, managers and even culinary students. Users may take the exam as soon as training is completed.

This online course now includes sesame seeds which the FDA has added to the list of common allergens (now the big nine). The course also includes content on how to safely administer epinephrine for someone experiencing anaphylaxis.

The course content covers four key areas:

  • Allergen Fundamentals
  • Front of the House
  • Back of the House
  • Managing Emergencies



People with food allergies who have experienced serious reactions from food served in hospitality.

The leading cause for these reactions? Miscommunication and cross-contact, which are a direct result of poor or no allergen-specific training.


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