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Weekly Update — help provide health industry personal protective equipment; no-contact delivery visual guide; property tax deadlines extended

Help the health industry get personal protective equipment Washington state has put a call out to all businesses that might have personal protective equipment to sell to hospitals to help

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Coronavirus Resource Guide Overview

Learn about the Washington Hospitality Association’s comprehensive knowledgebase that focuses on news, resources and information related to the COVID-19 and how it affects the hospitality industry.

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Coronavirus updates for King County members

The presence of coronavirus in our community is significantly impacting regular routines and creating unique challenges for the hospitality industry. Our first priority is promoting public health, for staff and

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Rules for delivering beer and wine

March 30, 2020 This information has become outdated. For current information please visit: March 18, 2020 — New Liquor Control Board rules Delivery – Beer/Wine “Off Premise Endorsement” required

Articles Coronavirus News Room

Social distancing: What does it mean and how do restaurants and hotels set up for it?

Today, restaurants, bars and other eateries are take-out, delivery and drive-thru service businesses. Hotel in-restaurant dining, bars and gyms are temporarily closed. While you’re still open for business, what’s the

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Association works tirelessly amid mandated business closures

By Anthony Anton, president and CEO Our team at the Washington Hospitality Association has worked around the clock throughout the weekend on behalf of our members. Today we face our

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Weekly Update — Letter from our CEO, coronavirus latest guidelines and restrictions

Hospitality CEO: Now is the time to act In a letter to Washington Hospitality Association members, our CEO Anthony Anton addresses the coronavirus and its impact on hospitality in Washington

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Coronavirus webinar summary

Here’s a brief list of some of the information and clarity conveyed at this morning’s coronavirus webinar. Let the biggest takeaway be that our industry is equipped and ready to

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Weekly Update: How to safeguard your business against coronavirus

[New Tools] How to safeguard your business against coronavirus News reports continue to trickle out updates on the dangers of COVID-19, the coronavirus. We want you to know that Washington

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Weekly Update — Teach employees to upsell, Seattle small business relief, Hospitality Summits

[HUB] How to teach your employees how to upsell We’ve prepared a brand new training video intended for your servers — be they total novices or talented beginners ready to

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Weekly Update — Managing labor costs by motivating employees, new Seattle tax proposal, Hospitality Summits

[HUB] Managing labor costs by motivating workers A best practice to reduce the high costs of turnover is to not lose good workers in the first place — we can