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Reach Key Decision Makers at Restaurants and Hotels across Washington

Washington’s restaurateurs and hoteliers look to the Washington Hospitality Association as their primary source of industry news and information. Advertise with us and put your brand in front of owners, general managers, chefs, and decision makers who value what Washington Hospitality Association and its partners have to offer.

 Our audience includes:
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Lounges and nightclubs
  • Taverns and bowling alleys
  • Golf courses
  • Food and beverage suppliers
  • Companies providing products and services to the hospitality industry



  • 1m 43sec average session duration
  • 17,447 average pageviews per month
  • 6,843 users per month
  • 9,476 sessions per month
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  • Two weekly newsletters, one lodging specific monthly newsletter
  • #1 way members want to receive information
  • Region specific targeting available
  • 22% open rate
  • 6,000 impressions per month

  • Thousands of reads per month
  • #3 top of mind member benefit
  • Our Buyer’s Guide edition in May is kept on hand by members all year round
  • Distributed throughout the entire state

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