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Washington Hospitality Association
510 Plum Street S.E.
Olympia, Washington 98501-1587
Phone: 800.225.7166 | Local: 360.956.7279 | Fax: 360.357.9232

Alphabetical Staff List

Full NameDepartmentExtention/Phone
Anton, Anthony
President and CEO
Leadership Team
Haase, Teran
Chief Revenue Officer/Vice President
Leadership Team
Conway, Stephanie
Allied Relations Manager
Business Development155
Jackson, Sheryl
Director of Information Services
Berquest, Judy
RETRO Key Accounts Manager
Retro Program120
Nepomuceno, Lex
Senior Director of Communications & Technology
Leadership Team
Fruit, Marla
Territory Manager for the Eastern Washington Territory
Membership(360) 246-4522
Keller, Jessica
RETRO Executive Accounts Manager
Retro Program(360) 528-2795
Wells, Ken
Incubation Program Senior Manager
Business Development(425) 457-1458
Louderback, Samantha
State Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(360) 789-7477
Gorton, Julia
State Government Affairs Director
Government Affairs
Leadership Team
Ellefson, Lisa
Graphic Design Manager
Faro, David
Director of Education Foundation
Education Foundation113
Mayther, Kelsi
ProStart Coordinator, Education Foundation
Education Foundation127
Hurley, Jennifer
Membership Administrator
Membership(360) 528-2798
Cichon, Kristi
Accounts Receivable Administrator
Internal Operations134
Farrell, Tamorro
Pierce County Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4520
Fox, Cathy
Seattle Neighborhoods Senior Territory Manager
Membership(360) 246-4521
McGuire, Teddi
Seattle Local Government Affairs Coordinator
Government Affairs(360) 246-4505
Montrose, Victoria
Benefit Programs & Events Senior Manager
Business Development
Leadership Team
Doyle, Katie
Grassroots Manager
Government Affairs151
Schaub, Michele
Seattle Downtown Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4525
Mirafuentes, Cameryn
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4518
Lane, John
Local Government Affairs Director
Government Affairs
Leadership Team
(360) 688-3136
Sweeney, Steven
Director of Membership
Leadership Team
(360) 246-4515
Brost, Matt
Internal Operation Intern
Internal Operations Intern100
Osburn, Martin
Data Analyst and Systems Manager
(360) 246-4487
Henze, APR, Jillian
Senior Communications Manager
Government Affairs
Day, Alina
Marketing Coordinator
Education Foundation110
Hatley, Tobby
Spokane Local Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(509) 953-3780
Bushnell, Joe
Tacoma Local Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(253) 792-1857
Boone, Anna
Senior Local GA Manager
Government Affairs(360) 556-2063
Dozier, Logan
Incubation Pilot Coordinator
Business Development154
Pemberton, Shelby
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4516
Ritchie, Cheri
Event Planner
Business Development141
Weik, Matt
CEO Executive Assistant
Leadership Team100
Flores, Alyssa
Training Programs Coordinator
Education Foundation(360) 246-4528
Jones, Kyle
Staff Accountant
Internal Operations
Coe, Jacque
Public Relations Manager
Communications(360) 246-4490
Stafford, Robbin
Southeast Washington Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4526
Woessner, Iain
Communications Resources Coordinator
Communications(360) 246-4486
Bosshardt, Elisa
Human Resources Manager
Leadership(360) 246-4499
Heaney, Bill
Allied Relation Associate
Business Development(360) 246-4471
Barker, Iyannah
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4417
Pascavage, Makkena
RETRO Coordinator
Retro Program(360) 246-4527