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Washington Hospitality Association
510 Plum Street S.E.
Olympia, Washington 98501-1587
Phone: 800.225.7166 | Local: 360.956.7279 | Fax: 360.357.9232

Alphabetical Staff List

Full NameDepartmentPhoneExtension
Anton, Anthony
President and CEO
Leadership Team(360) 956-7279100
Haase, Teran
Chief Revenue Officer/Vice President
Leadership Team(360) 956-7279152
Jackson, Sheryl
Director of Information Services
(360) 246-4479102
Nepomuceno, Lex
Senior Director of Communications & Technology
Leadership Team
(360) 246-4482119
Fruit, Marla
Territory Manager for the Eastern Washington Territory
Membership(360) 246-4522 212
Keller, Jessica
RETRO Executive Accounts Manager
Retro Program(360) 528-2795115
Wells, Ken
Incubation Program Senior Manager
Business Development(425) 457-1458201
Louderback, Samantha
State Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(360) 789-7477132
Gorton, Julia
State Government Affairs Director
Government Affairs
Leadership Team
(360) 246-4496109
Ellefson, Lisa
Graphic Design Manager
Communications(360) 246-4484133
Mayther, Kelsi
Training Manager
Business Development(360) 246-4484127
Hurley, Jennifer
Membership Administrator
Membership(360) 528-2798126
Cichon, Kristi
Accounts Receivable Administrator
Internal Operations(360) 246-4511134
Farrell, Tamorro
Pierce County Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4520210
Fox, Cathy
Seattle Neighborhoods Senior Territory Manager
Membership(360) 246-4521211
McGuire, Teddi
Seattle Local Government Affairs Coordinator
Government Affairs(360) 246-4505208
Montrose, Victoria
Retro Program Director
Business Development
Leadership Team
(360) 246-4473121
Doyle, Katie
Grassroots Manager
Government Affairs(360) 246-4500151
Schaub, Michele
Seattle Downtown Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4525215
Mirafuentes, Cameryn
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4518153
Lane, John
Local Government Affairs Director
Government Affairs
Leadership Team
(360) 688-3136207
Sweeney, Steven
Director of Membership
Leadership Team
(360) 246-4515122
Brost, Matt
Executive Assistant to the CRO
Business Development(360) 246-4489152
Osburn, Martin
Data Analyst and Systems Manager
(360) 246-4487142
Henze, APR, Jillian
Senior Communications Manager
Government Affairs
(360) 246-4483124
Day, Alina
Marketing Manager
Business Development(360) 246-4530110
Hatley, Tobby
Spokane Local Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(509) 953-3780206
Bushnell, Joe
Tacoma Local Government Affairs Manager
Government Affairs(253) 792-1857205
Boone, Anna
Senior Local GA Manager
Government Affairs(360) 556-2063204
Dozier, Logan
Incubation Pilot Coordinator
Business Development(360) 246-4475154
Pemberton, Shelby
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4516148
Weik, Matt
CEO Executive Assistant
Leadership Team(360) 956-7279100
Jones, Kyle
Staff Accountant
Internal Operations(360) 246-4508114
Coe, Jacque
Public Relations Manager
Communications(360) 246-4490202
Stafford, Robbin
Southeast Washington Area Coordinator
Membership(360) 246-4526216
Woessner, Iain
Communications Resources Coordinator
Communications(360) 246-4486137
Bosshardt, Elisa
Human Resources Manager
Internal Operations(360) 246-4499139
Barker, Iyannah
Membership Specialists
Membership(360) 246-4417149
Pascavage, Makkena
RETRO Coordinator
Retro Program(360) 246-4527123
Costello, Phil
Interim Chief Operations Officer
Leadership Team(360) 246-4507106
Marcille, Alister
Incubation Coordinator
Business Development(360) 246-4472107
Warren, Chazz
Accounts Payable
Internal Operations(360) 246-4477171
Spain, Amy
Territory Manager Northwest Washington
Membership(360) 246-4524214
Rios, Zooie
Accounting Manager
Internal Operations(360) 246-4508131