Automated tip payment software that integtrates with your POS and does all the tip calculations for you.

  • Save $1,000 every month in wages, overpayments and auto reconciliations.
  • Save more than 20 hours every month calculating tips, payroll and handling employee disputes.
  • Eliminate 95% of manager and employee financial disputes.

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Eliminate errors, fraud and legal complications

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Automated tip calculations

Simplify tip management by automating calculations and consolidating financial operations into one platform.

Accurate and transparent

Eliminate manual errors and financial disputes, and provide peace of mind for both employees and managers.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

A mobile app ensures fair compensation and transparency for employees, resulting in increased productivity, improved teamwork and longer employee tenure.

Effortless Tip Pooling

Foster teamwork, collaboration and create a positive work environment among staff with easy tip distribution.

Easy Payroll Procedures

With TipHaus’s one-click payroll export feature operators save time and reduce administrative burdens.  

Guaranteed Legal Compliance

Guaranteed compliance with all legal requirements in tip management.

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