Washington Hospitality Association members receive up to 35% in savings over normal pricing for new or additional business.

The Washington Hospitality Association partnered with Paylocity to provide our members with special pricing and ensure your employees are taken care of. While processing payroll and HR manually may be more familiar, it gets complex quickly and eats away at your already limited time.

Paylocity will transform your business into the next hot spot to work with its top-rated and mobile-friendly tools. Stay on top of regulatory compliance, staffing demands, scheduling requests and much more, all in one platform.


Recruiting, onboarding and training new staff steals away valuable time and resources when turnover is out of control — and your guests aren’t going to wait. Hang on to top employees and reduce your costs by streamlining your recruiting and onboarding workflows with intuitive tools and deliver key educational and compliance opportunities on-demand.


Seasonal staffing needs, shift changes, and a constant flow of time-off requests can make it challenging to keep schedules and payroll accurate and up-to-date, especially if you’re doing it all manually. Put the focus back on your people and productivity rather than paperwork with mobile-friendly tools for centralized, accurate schedules and streamlined payroll, including mobile punch in and out.


The variety of front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house employees and the number of hourly staff can make managing payroll a tall order — one that comes around again and again. Upgrade to a solution that helps you automate and streamline your workflow and enable your staff to manage their own payroll information from anywhere, including the latest perks like on-demand payment.

Hospitality Group Improves Employee Experience Across 27 Locations

In 2018, HMC Hospitality Group Controller Kim Bennett was leading the process of switching from their payroll provider of 25 years—ADP—to a modern HCM platform built to deliver the experience employees wanted and expected from their employer.

With Paylocity at its side, HMC Hospitality has spent the last four years co-creating an engaging employee experience that has saved HR hours and reduced costs. The switch has enabled them to focus on what matters most: building a culture where employees feel valued and supported.

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