The Washington Hospitality Association Advisory Network provides professional consulting services to the hospitality industry. Consultants are dedicated to the highest level of consulting performance and client service. Now, independent operators have access to best-of-class professionals at their fingertips.

Easy to access, members may reach out to your Territory Manager who will connect you to one of our world-class consultants. Alternatively, you may reach out with information to . Annually, each member receives 30 minutes of complimentary consulting from each of the areas of expertise. At an average of $200 per hour, that is a $2,000 value. Be sure to take advantage of this great program.

Gain complimentary access to the state’s leading hospitality experts through our unique network of consultants.

You can also watch videos from our advisory network HERE.

Alcohol Compliance

Make sure your establishment is in the know when it comes to alcohol compliance. Talk with our expert in the field of compliance and get peace of mind.

Business Expansion

Thinking about expanding the number of restaurants you own and want to add more? Not sure it is the right time? Our business expansion consultant is the expert at creating custom plans to financially structure your new operation.

Business Taxes

Have you recently received a notice that you are going to have a sales tax audit from the Department of Revenue? Are you implementing tax credits properly? Maybe you received a letter from the IRS saying that you did not file form 941 correctly? What does this mean? Our business tax consultant can assist with your IRS questions regarding B&O, IRS taxes and more.

Buying & Selling Businesses

Are you thinking about selling your restaurant? Our expert broker will help you diagnose the right time to sell and the best way to position your business for sale. Or, maybe you are looking for a business to buy. Get assistance as you explore the buying and selling avenue.

Concept & Design Development

Define, design and refine your concept. Our concept and design team will help build your business concept and brand, from interior design, menu development and overall appeal. call our concept and design development team.

Employment Law

Do you need guidance on creating compliant meal period & rest break policies? Do you need assistance with Washington’s new wage/salary transparency requirements? Have you been served with a wage claim? If so, one of our expert employment law attorneys can help.

Financial & Accounting Management

Is your labor running too high and you need help to get that under control? Our consultant can help with your  benchmarks, metrics, financial management and planning. If it’s a number you need help with, we have you covered.

Health Care Reform

Legislation surrounding health care reform has many moving parts and new processes. Our health care consultant is a senior policy analyst at the national level.

Human Resources Compliance

Get help with the nuts and bolts of human resources. Employee file set-up, sexual harassment orientation tools, performance evaluation tools and more are the areas our human resources compliance team can assist you with.

Information Technology

What system should you be using? What are the best systems in the market? Thinking about networking your computer from home to your business? Call the IT expert to answer your tough questions.

Insurance/Risk Management

Not sure what insurance coverages or limits you should carry? Need assistance reviewing or negotiating the insurance clause in a lease agreement? Want to find out ways to mitigate claims from occurring? Call our insurance and risk management expert and they will help you structure the right program.

Lease Negotiation

Is your lease going up? Considering a new location and not sure what to do? Start your negotiation tactics by calling the lease negotiation expert.

Legal Assistance

Do you have questions about a contract you need to sign, or are you being threatened with a lawsuit? For situations large and small, call our legal consultant.


Our lodging advisor has expertise in several areas including purchase and sales agreements, management agreements, sales and marketing, distribution, privacy and data security, procurement and technology.

Marketing & Advertising

Knowing where to begin when developing marketing programs that build your brand can be overwhelming. Get your questions answered by our marketing and advertising consultant. Whether it’s a brochure, menu, or tactics for marketing you have help through our team.

Music Licensing

Do you play recorded or live music in your establishment? If so, our music licensing advisor can assist you with staying in compliance with public performance music licensing.

Public Relations & Crisis Communications

Are you launching a new product or service, or need some guidance on employee messaging? Our PR & crisis communications advisor can assist you with a variety of internal and external communications needs.

Restaurant Operations

Our efficiency expert can help you with annual planning, manager training and systems procedures. Solve operational issues and ensure that you hit your goals and budgets. Get assistance from our restaurant efficiencies expert.

Succession Planning

Are you leaving your business to your children or considering pulling back from your current role? Get succession planning for the future of your business.

Tip Pooling

Who gets the tips and how much? Can managers participate in tip pools? There are several factors that must be considered when creating your company’s tip pooling policy. Our advisor can help you stay in compliance.

Workplace Safety

Are you seeing an increase in accidents in your establishment? L&I claims can be a tremendous worry. Gain guidance with L&I claims or learn how often you should be conducting safety meetings. Call the workplace safety experts.