Top-notch political representation safeguards your interests

Political RepresentationDecisions are made daily in Olympia and in local city council chambers that can change the outlook for small business owners throughout Washington state. Let’s face it—small business owners don’t have time to monitor every debate, discussion and proposal that policymakers develop. That’s where the Washington Hospitality Association State and Local Government Affairs Teams come into play. While hard-working entrepreneurs are busy building and running a profitable business, our team of experienced lobbyists is influencing the decisions that ultimately will determine the success of the small business sector.

Our experience equals your protection

Any business owner in Washington state will likely agree that achieving profitability here can be quite the challenge. The threat of increased taxes, costly new mandates and rising business costs always seems to be looming large in Olympia. We understand how unsettling that can be. Fortunately, our team has established relationships with policymakers that ultimately go a long way in protecting this industry.

Our team of public policy professionals has spent decades navigating the maze of Washington politics. Washington’s political climate can be turbulent, and with more than 75 years of combined political experience, the State and Local Government Affairs Teams are well acquainted with the inner workings of the decision-making process in Washington.

Our success is your success

The Washington Hospitality Association’s mission is to deliver wins for the hospitality industry. Over the last couple of years we have secured several important wins for the industry including:

  • Passage of statewide tourism promotion legislation
  • Passage of the most business-friendly Paid Family Medical Leave program in the country
  • Modifying the King County lodging tax to fund the Convention Center expansion
  • Protecting those in need of service animals
  • New rules to separate violations of liquor manufacturers from tasting rooms
  • Safer food packing free from cancer-causing chemicals
  • Promoting apprenticeship programs for high school students
  • Achieving gender pay equity in the workplace
  • And more!

On the lookout

Each city council meeting and legislative session brings new challenges for representing and protecting the industry. Our teams are closely monitoring the issues areas that matter to you and to the industry.

In these times, more than ever, business operators cannot afford to ignore local and state politics. The State and Local Government Affairs teams makes certain you aren’t left in the dark.