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We don’t need to tell you how the world is increasingly mobile. You are always on the go or maybe you are just busy delivering great, local experiences for your hospitality guests. You might not be available to attend one of our webinars. 

You can listen to any of our webinars on-demand, whether you are in the car, out on a run or completing household chores. Listen to us through the podcast channel of your choice. We have many to choose from. 

  • The CEO Podcast: Join Washington Hospitality Association President and CEO Anthony Anton as he discusses the latest news in hospitality: new regulations surrounding the coronavirus, tips on combating the labor shortage or conversations with members of our board of directors. Anton has the answers to your questions as you navigate the changing landscape of hospitality. 
  • Advisory Network webinars: We have an amazing group of advisors to help you answer questions about finances, legal issues, human resources, information technology and more. One of the members of our advisory network joins us on the fourth Wednesday of the month to discuss their specialties and answer questions.   
  • The Northwest Hospitality Leadership Podcast: If the pandemic taught the hospitality industry anything, it’s that our business model is changing. And while many of us may know how to make great chicken fettuccine, the best burger in town, or how to make someone feel at home when they are far from it, we may not always know how to be effective team leaders.  Lead differently.  The hospitality workforce is changing rapidly, which means the industry is looking for its next generation of leaders. The Washington Hospitality Association, in partnership with the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association, are welcoming special guest Chris Jenson of the Table Group for a podcast series dedicated to teaching people how to lead a team with the Northwest Hospitality Leadership Podcast. 

If you are interested in sponsorship, please call email To download previous shows, please check back here, or subscribe to our podcast via iTunes or Spotify. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the show, please email and let us know. We will gladly accept show topic ideas from members and will answer important questions during the show. 


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