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Time is something members wish they had more of. Increasing efficiency and getting time back in your day can make a big difference. Payroll services from a third-party can help simplify payment processing such as payroll taxes, calculating wages, collecting wage and time information, and mailing employee tax information

The Washington Hospitality Association has two different payroll providers: GNSA and Paylocity. Select their corresponding tabs to learn more about each offering and how they differ.

Washington Hospitality Association members receive up to 41% in savings over normal pricing.

Always know what your people are doing and what you’re paying them to do it. The PeoplePro system’s versatile pay rules engine makes it simple to determine pay associated with regular or overtime hours. It can support any number of scenarios – shift differentials, order of importance, location and more – to accommodate your business requirements.

Run as many reports as needed – Payroll Register, Labor Distribution, General Ledger and more – before finalizing and submitting payroll to help ensure accurate results and payroll tax filing. And receive alerts throughout the process to flag issues and reduce payroll errors. 

Timely, accurate payments

Up-to-the-minute payroll reporting

Easily stay in compliance with local, state and federal regulations

Washington Hospitality Association members receive up to 35% in savings over normal pricing for new or additional business.

Pull approved expenses automatically into the payroll system and add reimbursements to your employee’s next paycheck.

Tax filings done correctly and on time. Paylocity is a Registered Reporting Agent with the IRS.

Employees can access a portion of their earned wages on demand.

Wage garnishments managed by Paylocity experts.

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