Mental Health

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Most mental health resources are free!


Health and wellness resources supporting the physical and mental well-being of hospitality employers and employees to successfully navigate COVID-19 and safely reopen.

In addition to UnitedHealthcare’s ongoing offering for employer sponsored  health insurance with members-only discounts on medical and specialty benefits, UnitedHealth Group provides the following resources for all employees.

These solutions are available to any and all employees regardless of number of hours worked: furloughed, part-time, full-time. No health insurance or participation required.

Mental Health, Substance Use Disorder and Suicide Prevention Resources

Mental health + medical visits for $7/mo

Unlimited, no-copay mental health virtual appointments are $7 per employee, per month. This cost includes unlimited visits for the employee + entire family. Low members-only cost – employers may subscribe for all working and furloughed employees.

More information is on our telemedicine page here.

Active Minds, free
Stay mentally healthy during this crisis time.

Access a free resources hub for help during the COVID-19 pandemic including stress management, community building from a distance and tips for remote workers. Hospitality specific resources are available.

Sanvello, free
#1 rated app for stress, anxiety and depression

Hospitality specific landing page & resources available now. Click here to access for free. Includes guided meditation, learning modules, community discussion and daily tips.

PatientsLikeMe, free
Personalized health network

The world’s largest personalized health network helps people find new treatments, connect with others, and take action to improve their outcomes.

Access a community for anyone concerned about symptoms and/or diagnosed with COVID-19, as well as anyone suffering from anxiety and depression, to come together and discuss coping mechanisms and support. Click here for hospitality specific landing page & resources.

PsychHub, free
Online learning platform

The most comprehensive online learning platform on mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention topics in the world.

Optum Substance Use Disorder Helpline, free
Helpline via phone or online

In crisis? Call 1-855-780-5955 or click here for immediate help anytime from anywhere.

Optum Emotional Support Helpline, free
Helpline via phone

Need a little support? Call 1-866-342-6892 for help anytime from anywhere

Crisis Text Line, free
Helpline via text

In crisis? Text HELLO to 741741 for immediate help anytime from anywhere.

Ben’s Friends, free
Substance abuse support network

Join a safe environment with others who understand the unique challenges experienced by people on the front lines in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality industries. Click here to find a meeting near you or access telephonic meetings.