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Toolkit — Lawmakers propose delaying WA Cares payroll tax until 2023

UPDATE: January 10, 2022 The Legislature introduced HB 1732, which would delay the implementation of WA Cares until July 2023. The bill must get through several legislative steps before becoming

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New in 2022 – WA Cares payments to ESD on hold

This page features new laws or upcoming changes impacting hospitality businesses that will go into effect in 2022. Each week we’ll  send members reminders in our weekly email and add

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[Toolkit] New laws for plastics in Washington state

Single-use serviceware Quick summary Businesses can no longer automatically include some single-use items in customer orders. Customers will have to verbally confirm that they want single-use items or they must

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Relief programs in January 2022

Relief programs in January 2022 – info and updates  This is a brief list of programs created to help businesses and employees impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This list is

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Toolkit — Lodging Security

We have prepared some resources to help you create policies to safeguard you against unwanted, prolonged occupation. For our hotel members we have our employment law compliance guide, which can

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Toolkit — Paid Family and Medical Leave

What is the Washington state Paid Family Medical Leave program? Washington state first enacted a paid family medical leave program for workers in 2007. That program, however, was never funded.

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Toolkit — Hospitality tech

Since dining and lodging are two of society’s oldest types of businesses, the industry can be hesitant to embrace new technology. In reality, the seemingly straightforward concepts of preparing a meal or offering a room  could benefit immensely from


[Replay] Intelligent Exit Strategy: Selling your hospitality business in 2022 and beyond

Part one: Preparing your business for sale Presented by Oliver Kotelinikov of IBA


Toolkit — Tip Pooling

* Updated: Oct. 19, 2021 ­ 5 Tip Pool FAQs from employment law attorney Catharine Morisset   #1 We have an owner or manager who waits tables a couple of shifts

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Toolkit — Isolated Workers and Panic Buttons

Isolated workers and the law: How to stay in compliance A bill passed in the 2019 legislative session and took effect in Jan. 2021 that now applies to a large

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Toolkit — Vaccine and mask options (and requirements) for your business

State and local guidance and requirements continue to change regularly. Here you’ll find resources and options as you consider mask and vaccine policies that work best for your business.

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Service charge requirements operators need to know [Toolkit]

Service charges can be complicated. You may hear them referred to as service fees, booking fees, or customer service fees. And once you have decided what to call them, they

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Toolkit — Sexual harassment: Stop it before it starts

There are new faces working in the hospitality industry, so many members are spending a lot of time on training. Don’t forget to talk about harassment prevention. It’s important to