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Relief programs in October 2021: New working WA grants

Relief programs in October 2021 – info and updates  This is a brief list of programs created to help businesses and employees impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This list is

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Toolkit — Isolated Workers and Panic Buttons

Isolated workers and the law: How to stay in compliance A bill passed in the 2019 legislative session and took effect in Jan. 2021 that now applies to a large

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Toolkit — Vaccine and mask options (and requirements) for your business

State and local guidance and requirements continue to change regularly. Here you’ll find resources and options as you consider mask and vaccine policies that work best for your business.

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Toolkit — Restaurant Revitalization Fund

RECENT UPDATES: RRF IS CLOSED The SBA closed the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) three weeks after received more than 362,00 applications requesting close to $80 billion in assistance. The RRF has

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Service charge requirements operators need to know [Toolkit]

Service charges can be complicated. You may hear them referred to as service fees, booking fees, or customer service fees. And once you have decided what to call them, they


Toolkit — Tip Pooling

* Updated: Aug. 11, 2021 The issue of tip pooling has evolved over the last decade with a few new developments in the last year. The association heard from several

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Toolkit — Sexual harassment: Stop it before it starts

There are new faces working in the hospitality industry, so many members are spending a lot of time on training. Don’t forget to talk about harassment prevention. It’s important to

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Toolkit — Employers begin collecting WA Cares premiums in January 2022

Starting in January 2022, employers must collect funds from their employees for long-term care.  WA Cares was enacted by the state Legislature in 2019 so employees could contribute funds to services they may need in the future.

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Toolkit — Wildfire Season Preparedness

Wildfire season is here: do you know when you should close your patio? It’s become almost a yearly event. Smoke from nearby wildfires hangs over the area, creating hazardous conditions

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[Toolkit] Back to work

This toolkit is designed to give you ideas on enticing employees back into hospitality. We’ll keep adding resources as we go along, so check back often.


Toolkit — Lodging Security

In Washington state there have been reports of abuses of the eviction moratorium law, with hotels being occupied and having occupants be protected from eviction due to the rules of