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Member Spotlight: A hospitality business fueled by a passion for community service … and beer

By Paul Schlienz A native of Shelton, Wash., and a realtor since 1976, Scott Barnard fulfilled a longstanding desire to bring craft beer to his hometown when he opened the

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September is National Food Safety Education Month

To get you started celebrating September as National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM), here are four sources of food safety information with varying ways to change food safety behaviors and

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L&I proposes overtime threshold of nearly $80,000 by 2026

By Nicole Vukonich The Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) has filed a rulemaking notice (CR-102) that would update the state’s salary overtime threshold for executive, administrative and professional (EAP)

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Profit increases in a tough labor market

By Arnold Shain, Advisory Network   What I hear from clients on a daily basis: My profits have eroded. What happened? My labor cost is way up. My cost of

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Training: Key to quality, employee loyalty and retention

By Paul Schlienz   You can’t have hospitality without customer service, and you can’t have customer service without training. “Our customers expect us to be top notch,” said Jerry Lynch,

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How restaurants and hotels can use virtual reality in training

By Lex Nepomuceno   Virtual reality (VR) training is making inroads in nearly all spheres of the business world. It’s an emerging technology with great learning opportunities that can significantly

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Labor shortage: Weather the storm through trust and culture

By Anthony Anton, president and CEO, Washington Hospitality Association   I turn 50 this month and have spent almost my entire professional life doing my best to serve an industry

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Member Spotlight: A historic hotel’s refresh that revived a city

By Paul Schlienz   In his 1947 classic, “Inside U.S.A.,” journalist John Gunther described Spokane’s Davenport Hotel as the best between Seattle and Minneapolis. From its opening in 1914, the

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Getting the message out: Hospitality is an industry of opportunity

By Paul Schlienz   Careers in the hospitality industry are often misunderstood. “During the push to raise the minimum wage, in Seattle, I had city council members tell me that

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Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation: A conduit for success in the hospitality industry

By Alina Day   A: Alina Day, Education Foundation marketing coordinator S: Sandra Miller, senior workforce development manager D: David Faro, director of Education Foundation   A: What is the

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Education Foundation training programs

By David Faro   The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation prepares the hospitality workforce by providing industry-specific training. Preparing the hospitality workforce The Education Foundation offers a suite of training

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Developing hospitality leadership

By Rick Braa, CHAE   Q: As our business continues to expand, it’s clear that developing leadership within our organization is the most efficient and beneficial activity to nurture and

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Government Affairs: We need you to stand with us!

By Paul Schlienz   Standing together as one voice helps ensure that elected officials and government representatives understand our industry and recognize the strength of our association. Washington’s restaurants and

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Wildfire season is here: Do you know when to close your patio?

Summertime in Washington means that air quality here can be among the worst in the nation. Nearby wildfires and heavy winds often blow smoke into our cities, creating unhealthy air

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On the Issue: The environment and efforts to ban single-use plastics

By Nicole Vukonich   According to the United Nations Environment Program, researchers estimate that more than 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been produced since the early 1950s and about