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Service model toolkit

The world is changing, and the resilience of the hospitality industry is being tested. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants and hotels had to learn a new rapidly

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Toolkit — Wildfire & Extreme Heat Preparedness

Wildfire and extreme heat season is here: do you know when you should close your patio? It’s become almost a yearly event. Smoke from nearby wildfires hangs over the area,


Two Minute Video: What you need to know 6/28/22

Association President and CEO Anthony Anton sat down with experts in industry economics, data, and research. They gave expert analysis on upcoming hotel and restaurant trends; operators who are offering alcohol to-go service must apply for the right endorsements and ensure they’re following all the laws and rules; mark your calendar… the next CEO podcast happens July 6 at 10 a-m… the topic: public safety.


Tourists expected to return before office workers

Spring break is in, lunch breaks are out. Businesses are seeing busier streets this spring, but customers are in shorts, not suits, as tourism nationwide approaches 2019 levels while office


10-minute breaks: Best practices

Workers and employers in Washington know the 10-minute break policies well. For every four hours worked, an employee must have a paid break that cannot be waived. However, many businesses

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Alcohol delivery compliance

Alcohol delivery: How to stay in compliance  Rules that allow liquor to-go and alcohol delivery in Washington are great wins for our industry, but if we want to see these

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Don’t forget these filing deadlines in Q2 

Quarter 2 is a busy time of the year full of changes. After we set our clocks forward, Washington hospitality operators have a lot to look forward to. Spring brings warm

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Alcohol to-go: How to apply

Reminder: LCB approval needed before offering alcohol-to go   In 2021, the Legislature passed House Bill 1480, which contained crucial relief for hospitality businesses. Your government affairs team fought hard to

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Sustainability still a top food trend

Prior to the pandemic, healthier food choices and sustainability were priorities for consumers, and they are once again taking center stage. The National Restaurant Association’s 2022 State of the Restaurant


Russia and the supply chain: What to expect

Nationwide, people are optimistic that the pandemic’s impacts on businesses are waning. Here in the state of Washington, mask mandates are being lifted and hospitality businesses are preparing for a


Culinary trends: Pandemic preferences here to stay

This is the second in a series of articles about current culinary trends that the Washington Hospitality Association will release early in 2022. The series focuses on dishes, drinks and

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PNW supply chain: part 1

A lot of the anxiety associated with the supply chain can be attributed to jammed ports and a shortage of truck drivers. Washington state is no exception when it comes

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Shortages and the supply chain: What’s next

Shortages and the supply chain In October 2021, John Klein, executive vice president for the Pacific Northwest for Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, told us that the supply chain is

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[writeup] CEO podcast 2/2/22

The CEO podcast is a monthly podcast with Washington Hospitality Association President & CEO Anthony Anton. This is a summary of the February episode when Anthony sat down with Director

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[Toolkit] Supply Chain

The Washington Hospitality Supply Chain Toolkit is a regularly updated toolkit that includes stories from the Washington Hospitality Association as well as relevant stories from other news sources about the