Starting Jan. 1, 2024, all film bags and products, food packaging and compostable foodservice products must be labeled as such to comply with Washington’s new Plastic Product Degradability Law.

Products that are labeled as “compostable” that are sold or distributed in Washington must:

  • Meet ASTM D6400 or D6868 specifications, or be made of wood
    • These standards require that they disintegrate sufficiently during composting, undergo some level of biodegradation, and not impair the compost’s fertility or introduce toxic substances.
  • Be included on the compliance declaration submitted to an Ecology database currently in development.

Labeling requirements

  • Meet labeling requirements under the S. Federal Trade Commission guide
  • Feature labeling that meets industry standards for being distinguishable
  • Use a third-party certification logo
  • Display the word “compostable”
  • Use green, beige, or brown labeling, striping, or other patterns that help differentiate compostable products from non-compostable.

Products that aren’t compostable cannot use tinting labeling or terms required for products that meet compostable standards.

Manufacturers of non-compostable products are discouraged from using coloring, labels, images or terms that may confuse consumers into thinking the product is compostable. Manufacturers of these products are encouraged to label them so consumers can easily identify them as compostable.

For more information, visit Compostable product labeling requirements – Washington State Department of Ecology. If you have any questions, feel free to email .