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With an increase in legislation being pushed at the local level, the hospitality industry faces many challenges. The Washington Hospitality Association’s Government Affairs team is focused on building relationships at the local level so that the hospitality industry is involved in crafting legislation that has the best outcome for employees and businesses.

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Paid Sick and Safe Leave

Statewide paid sick leave, implemented Jan. 1, 2018, by Initiative 1433, influenced changes to Tacoma’s paid sick and safe leave law, however the city retained its more stringent policy. Businesses in Tacoma must comply with the city’s policy which matches the state’s, except for a few key differences:

  • Overtime-exempt employees also accrue paid sick and safe leave
  • In addition to reasons for use allowed by the state law, accrued leave may be used for bereavement or if the child of an employee’s school or place of care is closed by a public official
  • The policy allows for use of other paid leave time for paid sick leave if it applies to all hours; a written policy is required

For a comparison chart of Tacoma’s previous policy, current policy and the state’s current policy, click here.

For information about the state’s paid sick and safe leave policy including an FAQ, click here.

Minimum Wage:

Plastic Bag Ban



DIRECTOR OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: John Lane – johnl@wahospitality.org

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