Give to the PAC for a business-friendlier Washington

The Washington Hospitality Association PAC is one of the leading political action committees in Washington state today. As representatives of the state’s hospitality industry, we know how important it is your voice is heard in Olympia. Every day new proposals are made affecting our industry, from unfair business taxes and regulations to the threat of de-funding our WorkSafe program. The PAC supports pro-business candidates and initiatives in Washington state.


Why contribute?

Having a strong, healthy PAC is critical to serving our industry and helping your business succeed especially during these uncertain times. In fact, in the last year, the PAC has helped:

  • $100 million in grant money for restaurants who did not receive the RRF. Of that $100 million, $15 million is reserved for hotels that were impacted by the eviction moratorium.
  • $15 million in relief by reducing liquor license fees by 50% through December 31, 2023.
  • $200 million in unemployment insurance relief.
  • Defeated SB 5113, which would expand the use of lodging taxes for affordable housing.
  • Defeated HB 1837, which would have lifted a 20-year prohibition on rulemaking related to ergonomics
  • Defeated SB 5903, which concerns multimodal transportation for drive up establishments.


Get involved with the PAC

Washington Hospitality Association members give voluntarily to the PAC. From the small independent restaurant to the largest corporate establishment, the PAC relies on all of our members to support our yearly funding goal.

The easiest way to contribute to the Washington Hospitality Association PAC is through the form below. You can also call us at 360.956.7279 or toll-free at 800.225.7166, or send a check to:

Washington Hospitality Association PAC
510 Plum Street SE, Suite 200
Olympia, WA 98501