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Give to the PAC for a business-friendlier Washington

The Washington Hospitality Association PAC is one of the leading political action committees in Washington state today. As representatives of the state’s hospitality industry, we know how important it is your voice is heard in Olympia. Every day new proposals are made affecting our industry, from mandatory health care benefits, a skyrocketing minimum wage, unfair business taxes and regulations, to the threat of de-funding our Retrospective Rating program (Retro). The PAC was established to support pro-business candidates and initiatives in Washington state.

Why is the PAC important to you?

We know how hard it is to be a business owner in Washington, and we fight everyday to keep your interests at the top our legislators’ minds. Our successes in Olympia directly impact your bottom line. Recent successes include:

  • Protecting the current RETRO program, saving the average restaurant approx. $1,430 per year
  • Passing a phased-in B&O tax credit equal to the pop syrup tax paid by our members, saving our quick service members an average of $3,000 and our full service establishments between $800-$1,400 per year
  • Demanding a phase-in approach to King County’s trans fat ban, giving our members time to find reasonably priced alternatives that do not cut drastically into their bottom line
  • Negotiated a compromise with King County on their menu labeling ordinance, removing the requirement that nutritional information be placed directly on menus and menu boards thus saving our members thousands of dollars in the process
  • Stopping the proposed $1 per Liter Spirit Tax, saving the average restaurant approx. $3,008 per year
  • Protecting business with 50 or more employees from a Mandatory Paid Leave requirement, saving them approx. $900 per year
  • Stopping the proposed Street Utility Tax, saving the average restaurant approx. $1,200 per year

Get involved with the PAC

Washington Hospitality Association members give voluntarily to the PAC. From the small independent restaurant to the largest corporate establishment, the PAC is reliant on all of our members to support our yearly funding goal.

To contribute to the Washington Hospitality Association PAC today please call us at 360.956.7279 or toll-free at 800.225.7166, or send a check to:

  • Washington Hospitality Association PAC
    510 Plum Street SE, Suite 200
    Olympia, WA 98501