The Washington Hospitality Association and its insurance partner, Parker, Smith & Feek, have partnered with leading cybersecurity provider Upfort to deliver practical and robust cyber risk mitigation and insurance protection to its members.  

Through a simple online process, members can set up training, phishing simulations, continuous monitoring, a browser firewall, and advanced email defense – with no IT expertise required. Additionally, this new program includes three options for cyber insurance coverage under the association’s master program. Backed by Arch (AM Best Rating A+), members can access coverage for ransomware, business interruption, cybercrime and more through the Washington Hospitality master program. 

Upfort’s software protects tens of thousands of companies and has been shown to reduce the incidence of costly cyber-attacks by more than 80%. Paired with cyber insurance from an experienced and stable insurer, our new offering presents a powerful solution to a problem plaguing hospitality organizations of all sizes.   

With a process that takes just a few minutes and for one low price, you can secure your company against today’s most relevant threats. Dramatically lower your risk of falling victim to ransomware or computer fraud with a fully functioning cybersecurity suite that sets up in minutes. 

  • Proactive Monitoring – be alerted to critical vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can find them. 
  • Inbox Defender – uses AI to warn employees of malicious links, suspicious senders, and funds transfer fraud. 
  • Browser Firewall – Block millions of malicious websites with continuously updated threat intelligence. 
  • Cyber University – Train your entire team on today’s cybercriminal tactics. 
  • Phishing Simulations – Mimic recent cyber-attacks to assess and fortify your team’s readiness. 


Go here and use the code WHA2023 now to start the application–it is very easy and straightforward. 

If you have any questions about this new program, please contact: 

Logan Dozier 

Sr. Manager of Insurance Services 

C: 509.520.5032 


Riley Flock 

Program Manager  

C: 206.914.2517