To get you started celebrating September as National Food Safety Education Month (NFSEM), here are four sources of food safety information with varying ways to change food safety behaviors and improve food safety culture.

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Local ServSafe Manager and online ServSafe Allergens trainings available

Are your employees trained to be a ServSafe Manager or trained on ServSafe Allergens (discount code is SSALLERGENS for 20% off)? Find out more about these programs, how you can benefit as an association member and keep your guests and staff safe!

CDC:  Be a Food Safety Superhero

CDC is observing Food Safety Education Month by sharing “superhero” information on the risk of foodborne illness and four simple steps to prevent it. CDC has several graphics and other communication materials designed for consumers.

  • Sample graphics and social media posts for social media accounts, websites, and other communication materials. They are using hashtags #FoodSafetyHero and #FSEM to continue the conversation.
  • Basic information about foods linked to food poisoning.
  • Videos of CDC’s superheroes following the four steps of food safety.
  • Foodborne Illness infographics in English and Spanish.
  • Share tips on how you can prevent food poisoning by following four simple steps: Clean. Separate. Cook. Chill. This CDC page is also available in Spanish


FightBac:  The Story of Your Dinner

The Partnership for Food Safety Education is celebrating Food Safety Education Month and National Family Meals Month with several new consumer outreach tools.

  • Keeping a “Clean Scene” animation video reviews the story of dinner from farm to fork.  It is available in English and Spanish
  • Their social media graphics page includes new designs on three pathogens as well as several food safety tips.  It also includes several printable activity sheets for kids.
  • They are using #NFSEM and #familymealsmonth hashtags to keep the circle of communication going.


ServSafe Food Safety Focus:  Controlling Risk:  The Elements of a Food Safety Management System

ServSafe’s goal for this year’s NFSEM is to reinforce the key role employees play in making sure the food safety management system works the way it should.  They will reveal new training tools and resources designed for food service owners and employees—such as activity sheets, quizzes, posters, or infographics–each week.  Materials are available in English and Spanish.  If you don’t want to wait all four weeks, the site gives you the option of downloading all materials at once (after you supply your contact information).

  • Week 1 (9/3): “Understand the Process” and how personal performance can determine food safety.
  • Week 2 (9/9): “Provide Input” and how Standard Operating Procedures help meet goals
  • Week 3 (9/16): “Refine the Process” includes information to measure your knowledge and the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System in place at the establishment.
  • Week 4 (9/23): “Maintain Your Commitment” includes information on management monitoring the system and fixing what’s broken.  This focus on Active Managerial Control is also a keystone concept in our current rule revision process.


FDA’s Food Safety Education Month

The FDA has aggregated several of their related food safety pages, graphics, and social media posts for your use.