Okay, let’s get real. You know you love the label maker.  Not just because its cool, but because its an efficient tool that helps guide people through the rest of the supplies.  The supplies you love.  The supplies you love because you have an office supply fetish. I know it, you do too.  Lets face it together.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a surge of dopamine when you walk down the aisle, and take a left at the sharpie section.  I get it too.  I mean, I don’t really need 24 colors of rainbow dry erase markers, but then again, have you seen my bulletin boards?

I have sixty-four colors of .08 millimeter ink pens right at my desk. It makes me so happy. If they were yours, I know they would make you happy too.  I generally only use the blue one.

Do you need a set of gold embossed thank-you cards?  Me too!  Want to go shopping?

When my supply closet is looking a little sad, and I need a little pick me up, I use my Office Depot card. Works every time.

Do you have an Office Depot Card?

Did you realize that your Hospitality Association membership gives you incredible discounts on all of the supplies that you crave (and many your business actually needs!)

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I’ll meet you by the poster board.

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