The American Hotel and Lodging Association has released its 2024 State of the Industry Report, unveiling a wealth of intriguing insights. Among the abundance of information, a key finding highlights the crucial elements in forging positive guest experiences.

Enhancing guest satisfaction is surprisingly straightforward and achievable for all. The primary focus for hotel operators should be on cleanliness — guest room cleanliness and overall property cleanliness take precedence over areas such as high-quality linens, extensive hotel amenities and even staff availability.

What does “cleanliness” entail?

For hoteliers aiming to excel, they should direct their attention towards ensuring rooms are free of unpleasant odors and instead are filled with pleasing scents. Meticulously maintained bathrooms must be free of any signs of mold and dirt, and linens should remain spotless and stain-free.

These priorities are critical because they significantly influence guest perceptions. Neglecting them could result in damaging reviews. Indeed, guests are more inclined to report negative experiences, particularly those related to room cleanliness, offensive smells and pest issues. If you are interested in learning more about maintaining a bedbug-free accommodation, consider exploring our bedbug article in our members-only section.

To avoid negative feedback and encourage positive reviews, implementing a structured and efficient cleaning strategy is essential.

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Read the full report on our members-only section here.


The American Hotel and Lodging Association 2024 State of the Industry Report