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Doing the Right Thing the Right Way: A Road Map to Workplace Safety

By Paul Schlienz No matter what you do, there is always the potential for something to go wrong in life and in work environments. Employers who accept this fact know

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Oily Rags Can Be Lethal: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family

Oily Rags Can Be Lethal: Protect Yourself, Protect Your Family By Brad Tower Christmas 2016 was the first since the death of my three children. Ben, Maddy and Sam were

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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can happen anywhere at any time. It can involve a single victim, such as the apartment manager stabbed to death in Everett in July 2010. It can involve

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Workers’ Compensation

What is workers’ compensation? Workers’ compensation (industrial insurance) coverage protects both workers and employers from the financial impact of a work-related injury or occupational disease. It pays for injured workers’

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Hazard Communication Rule

What is the Hazard Communication rule? The Hazard Communication rule requires you — the employer — to inform and train your employees about hazardous chemicals in your workplace. Note: Washington

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Fire Prevention

Restaurants—with their open flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, cleaning chemicals and paper products—have all the ingredients for a fire to flame out of control. Nearly 8,000 eating and

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Food Trucks & Trailers

Step 1 – Check to See If You Have a Food Truck Does your food truck or trailer require an L&I inspection? If it does, you must get the inspection

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Employee Safety Alert Systems for Hotels

Here’s a quick overview of technology options that can help Seattle hotels comply with the city’s recently approved hotel initiative. Seattle voters passed Initiative 124 on Nov. 8, 2016, introducing

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Personal Chefs

Personal chefs are independent contractors (not employees) that prepare food in private homes for consumption by household members. Personal chefs may also prepare meals for social events, such as dinner

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More Favorable Laws

When is federal law applied over state law? If there are differences between federal and state laws or rules governing wages, hours and working conditions, the standard more favorable or

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Paid Leave

In Nov. 2016, Washington state voters passed Initiative 1433, creating a new state mandate on employers to provide paid sick leave benefits. Here are the main details of the new

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Corkage Fees

What are corkage fees? Charges for customers to bring their own bottle of wine instead of purchasing the wine from the restaurant are typically called “corkage fees.” These fees are

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Cash Overages and Shortages

Cash Overages and Shortages Shortages may not be deducted from the gross business income unless the business can demonstrate that the shortage was a result of an error in recording

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Affordable Care Act Notification Requirements

Part One – Important Notice: Please note that now that the Trump administration is in office, there is a strong possibility that there will be major changes to the Affordable

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How costly is overregulation?

Excessive regulation is slowing entrepreneurial growth and job creation in the restaurant industry, White Castle’s head of government affairs told the House and Senate’s Joint Economic Committee.