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[From the CEO] Tech: OK—but how?

By Anthony Anton, president & CEO In May, I proclaimed 2018 the Age of Disrupters in my State of the Industry talk. Definition of a Disrupter: a: to be the

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Future of Food: Kiosks will take your order

Will restaurant workers who take customers’ orders one day become obsolete? Probably not, but the industry is moving toward a future in which more guests place orders on computer screens inside restaurants. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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This robot-powered restaurant is one step closer to putting fast-food workers out of a job

A secretive robotics startup has raised a new round of venture funding as part of its quest to replace humans with robots in the kitchens of fast-food restaurants. Momentum Machines secured over $18 million in financing, according to a SEC filing in May. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Is Fast Food Ready for a Robot Takeover?

The robots are among us. They have taken over our institutions, our cities, and our homes. (QSR)

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Eye on Hospitality: Automation Increasing, So are Jobs

It seems counterintuitive, but the introduction of widespread automation at some high profile quick service and fast casual restaurants chains have not led to a decrease in the number of employees. On the contrary, the number of workers on their payrolls is on the rise.

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EMS: Restaurant of the Future

By Dorothy Creamer The future is a moving target when it comes to technology and its applications, with plateaus punctuated with bursts of upward trajectory. For the restaurant industry, predicting the

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Quick-Service Restaurants Embrace Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are appearing in quick-service restaurants throughout the world. With rising labor costs, this trend is sure to expand.

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Restaurants hungry for tech without the headache

Technology is one of the fastest-moving trends in the restaurant industry today. Picking the right solutions can help boost customer service and performance, but what’s the best way to identify those solutions in the race to be tech-forward?

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Weekly Update: WRA and WLA Win Victory in Tacoma Bag Ban Ordinance

After a three hour deliberation on Monday, the Tacoma City Council passed an ordinance entitled “Bring Your Own Bag.”

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Seven buzzes for quick-service restaurants

QSRs are embracing new electronic ordering technologies, rethinking ideas of what constitutes a perfect employee, finding new ways of connecting with local communities, responding to pricing realities and developing an entirely new approach to employee advancement.

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Mobile apps simplifying restaurant and bar staff duties

Placing food and bar orders though suppliers has traditionally been a manual process that involved going though old paperwork and placing orders over the phone or through a sales representative.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Self-serve beer concept makes a big splash

Self-serve soda machines have been a fixture of quick service restaurants for many years. Now, the self-serve concept has come to beer.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: Ready or not, robot restaurants are here

The concept of a restaurant with minimal employees, much automation and no contact between restaurant staff and guests is not completely new.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: QSRs discover table tracking

If you’ve encountered table trackers, you’ve probably seen them at fast casual establishments, like Panera Bread, but don’t be surprised if you soon see this technology at your favorite quick service restaurant.

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Will drones fly their way into the restaurant industry?

Earlier this year, a Singapore-based restaurant chain, Timbre, announced that it will be implementing drone waiters as a way to deal with the country’s growing service staffing gap issue.