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Getting Ready for the High Season

You don’t need us to tell you about the importance of high season for your business. If you’re in the hospitality industry in Washington state, you know how much of a boost summer can bring to your bottom line.

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President’s Column: A Time to Lead

March is Women’s History Month, and this year it gives us an important opportunity to think about the barriers women have broken in our industry and how we are committed

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Ignorance is not bliss: Proactive Approaches to Address Sex-based Harassment

By Catharine Morisset & Meg Burnham, Fisher Phillips   Over the past 20 years, sex-based workplace discrimination charges have been one of the most common employee-asserted claims before the federal

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Invest Heavily in Training for Big Returns

With the difficulty in staffing that comes with such low unemployment, we clearly must do a better job of developing bench strength. I’m considering many options, but where would you start?

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The Future of Telehealth Is Closer Than You Think

HIHIT now offers telehealth services as a creative and cost-effective way to connect your employees with the services they need in times of health crisis.

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Legally Valid Unpaid Internships are Rare

The master-apprentice learning relationship is a time-honored tradition in the hospitality industry, but there are very clear legal requirements on compensation for apprentices.

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President’s Column: Changes in the Workforce

The days of a readily available workforce are gone. Like it or not, getting 50 to 70 applications in response to a single job posting is probably a thing of the past.

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How to Raise a Hospitality Leader

What does it take to bring an entry-level employee up into the ranks of your best supervisors? How do you ultimately grow a manager from scratch and train people to move your organization forward? A well-trained, well-conditioned, ready-for-the-frontlines leader only EVER arrives because of good guidance on your part.

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Getting Creative: Retaining and Growing Great Employees in a Tight Labor Market

Employers are facing a challenging environment with a tight labor market where job seekers may just have the upper hand.


Lex on Tech: Top Trends in Hospitality Automation

Automation integration into the hospitality industry is an inevitability. Not just because of cost, but because of competition. Why does a potential customer choose to patronize a restaurant or hotel?

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Get to Know Your Area Coordinator: A Big Benefit of Association Membership

Restaurateurs and hoteliers across our state know there are many benefits to membership in the Washington Hospitality Association. And one of the biggest benefits of all is access to the Association’s area coordinators.

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Five Focus Areas to Compete and Win

Our restaurant has traditionally had pretty steady sales, but lately our sales have begun to flatten even with price increases. The business also seems less energized than in years past, yet the economy is growing around us. Where should I focus to get back to where we can be?

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The Future is Bright: Chief Sealth HS Gives Students an Early Start in Hospitality

You can see it on their faces. Thanks to an introduction to hospitality and tourism in high school, these savvy, motivated teens and twenty-somethings are on their way to a bright future in the hospitality industry.

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In Search of the Best: Making Recruitment and Onboarding Work for You

As any Washington hospitality business owner or operator will tell you, finding and keeping great employees is not nearly as simple as it used to be. On top of the tight labor market in our state, the sharp rise in the minimum wage and other new labor costs make the productivity of each and every employee more important than ever. 

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President’s Column: Time to Think Strategically

If you read books on how to truly be a strong and successful leader of a company, they often ask you to set aside time for strategic thinking.