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[Toolkit] Employers begin collecting WA Cares premiums in January 2022

Starting in January 2022, employers must collect funds from their employees for long-term care.  WA Cares was enacted by the state Legislature in 2019 so employees could contribute funds to services they may need in the future.

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How to handle harassment accusations in the workplace

After reopening Washington state, there are new faces working in the hospitality industry. It’s important to know that sexual harassment is never okay in the workplace. One of our most-viewed

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Toolkit – Wildfire Season Prepardness

Wildfire season is here: do you know when you should close your patio? It’s become almost a yearly event. Smoke from nearby wildfires hangs over the area, creating hazardous conditions

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[Toolkit] Back to work

This toolkit is designed to give you ideas on enticing employees back into hospitality. We’ll keep adding resources as we go along, so check back often.

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[Toolkit] Get ready for spring with these resources

Are you ready for spring? These member resources should help. Consider the following: Decision — indoor or outdoor? Will you be returning to indoor dining, or focusing on your outdoor


Lodging Security Toolkit

In Washington state there have been reports of abuses of the eviction moratorium law, with hotels being occupied and having occupants be protected from eviction due to the rules of

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Toolkit – Isolated Workers and Panic Buttons

Isolated workers and the law: How you can prepare for 2020 A bill passed in the 2019 legislative session and signed into state law requires all employers in hotel, motel,


Toolkit – Snow Prepardness

Riding out the storm: How planning and communication get your hospitality business snow-weather ready December is the official start of winter and that means snow and windstorms are coming, sending


Toolkit – Paid Family and Medical Leave

TOOLKIT – PAID FAMILY & MEDICAL LEAVE Currently in the Toolkit: Webinar: Paid Family & Medical Leave Overview, recorded Sept. 26, 2018. PowerPoint used in the webinar, recorded Sept. 26.


Toolkit – Tip Pooling

Federal Tip Pool Rule Change Welcomed by Industry It is now legal to tip pool. On March 23, 2018, Congress passed critical funding legislation that included repealing the tip pool

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Toolkit – I-1433 Paid Sick Leave

Washington’s Paid Sick Leave law, under Initiative 1433, began January 1, 2018. The following links and information in this toolkit will be a starting place for help you get in

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Toolkit – Snohomish County Workforce Solutions Roundtable

Washington Hospitality members have made it clear that workforce development is one of the top issues facing employers in the state.  The early 1990s were the last time that hospitality

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Toolkit – Work Safe, Save Money! A RETRO toolkit

To explore the cost saving measures you can take to mitigate and prevent claims – click the links below         CLAIMS MANAGEMENT SAFETY & LOSS CONTROL LEGAL SERVICES