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Building a Better Collective Bargaining Agreement: Better Nuts and Better Bolts

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Weekly Update: U.S. Department of Labor rules employers must disclose consultants’ recommendations to unions

Restaurant operators who hire consultants to advise them during union-organizing drives will be required under a new U.S. Department of Labor rule to reveal what the these hired advisers recommend, starting July 1.

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Washington’s hospitality industry faces winds of change

The largest employer, in Washington, is not Boeing. It’s not Microsoft. It still won’t be Amazon, despite all its growth.

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President’s Column: A time for solutions

2015 was the longest legislative session in Washington state history. And while advocates were pushing for a new minimum wage law at the state level, unions were gaining ground on ordinances and ballot initiatives at the local level.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB joint-employer ruling is a job killer

There could be big trouble ahead for franchisors, thanks to a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) opinion – and it could potentially harm employees, too.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB on joint employers

Last week, Washington Restaurant Market Watch examined the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rulings on union elections and their potential impact on restaurant operators. This week we continue our series on the NLRB with a look at its view of joint employers.

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Washington Restaurant Market Watch: NLRB’s new union elections rules – What you need to know

Never was this truer for restaurant operators than with two current rulings of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on union elections and joint employers. It is essential that restaurateurs familiarize themselves with these rules and prepare accordingly.

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President’s Column: Unions and restaurants – How union marketing and PR impacts restaurants

In part three, I will focus on non-regulatory effects. How will you, the local restaurateur who is just trying to make a living, be impacted by the gunfight?

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How the “ambush election” rule fails employers and employees

The time employers have to respond to a move to unionize their business is about to get much shorter. Starting April 14, the National Labor Relations Board’s “ambush election” rule is expected to cut the time between a petition to unionize and a vote by more than half.

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President’s Column: Unions and restaurants – How union goals can harm you

Last month, in part one of this four-part article, we reviewed how we got we got here. In part two, we are looking at how this showdown could impact the regulatory environment for local restaurateurs.