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Join Fisher Phillips labor attorneys Todd A. Lyon and Lisa M. Vickery for a one-day interactive program on how to negotiate a better collective bargaining agreement. Whether you bargain with the union yourself or have a negotiator, this exciting program will provide your employer with a well-prepared machine for the next bargaining session with the union. We will help you get there by submitting your collective bargaining agreement to a 200-point evaluation.

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You will have opportunities to work collaboratively with other HR and Labor Relations professionals in many hands-on activities to diagnose what subjects are mandatory, develop an effective impasse strategy in case of a breakdown, and recondition historical languages like seniority, management rights, and zipper clauses. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own collective bargaining agreements for personal reference.

For business operators with a unionized workforce, a collective bargaining agreement can be like owning an old car. You must try to contend with clunky contract language, while trying to manage day to day operations and remain competitive in a rapidly-changing world. Despite your best intentions, you cannot efficiently run your business without seemingly running afoul of the Union at every turn because you are constrained by outdated contract language, negotiated years ago. It is time to submit your collective bargaining agreement to a 200-point inspection.

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