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Service charges

Below is a general overview of service charges. It is not intended as legal advice, and is not an exhaustive discussion of the topic. If you have questions about any

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Washington State Minimum Wage (Initiative 1433)

Resources, FAQ, and Help I-1433 increased the minimum wage statewide to $11 per hour on Jan. 1, 2017 (with the exception of Seattle which went up to $15). It also

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Weekly Update: Regular Legislative Session Set to End April 23

105-Day Regular Legislative Session Set to End April 23 The regular legislative session will end April 23, but it is commonly accepted that there will at least be one special

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Eye on Hospitality: Focus on Service Charges

The Washington Hospitality Association’s recent Hospitality Summit, in Seattle, brought together some of the state’s top movers and shakers in the hospitality industry for some great panel discussions.

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Changes to Tips and Service Charges – Examples

With the increase in minimum wage, and the discrepancy this can cause for back of the house employees, many Washington restaurants have moved to a service charge model. Here are some examples

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Seattle Minimum Wage

On June 2, 2014 the Seattle City Council voted to implement a city ordinance to increase the minimum wage. The ordinance gives employees in Seattle, a 61 percent wage increase.

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Weekly Update: Gov. Inslee Unveils New Budget Proposal

Gov. Inslee Unveils New Budget Proposal This week Gov. Jay Inslee unveiled his budget proposal, including $4 billion in new taxes in the upcoming two-year cycle. This includes a 7.9


Lessons in No-Tipping

Some restaurants are switching from tipping to higher overall costs. Others are moving toward service charges instead of tips. Some have even tried service charges and gone back to tipping.

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Service Charges

Federal law defines service charges as a compulsory charge for service. In contrast to service charges, guests decide whether to give tips, how much to give and who to give it them to, subject to a tip pool.

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Seattle Minimum Wage Guide: Commissions & Bonuses

Tips and health care aren’t the only forms of compensation you can factor into an employee’s wages. Commissions and bonuses can also be considered. Here are the definitions and rules you need to know if you want to factor them in to employee wages.

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Washington Restaurant Weekly: WRA/WLA merger update: joining forces to provide greater value for members

The executive committees of the Washington Restaurant Association and the Washington Lodging Association have approved transition plans for communications, membership and business development in preparation for combining operations by Oct. 1, 2015.

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Seattle Minimum Wage – detail and FAQ of final rules

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS), a new division within the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR), has released the final Administrative Rules for the City of Seattle’s new