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Hotels Get Creative with New Dining Venues

INTERNATIONAL REPORT—At hotel restaurants, it’s all about the experience and culinary creations. Here are three venues that are upping their F&B game. (Hotel Business)

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Back to school: 8 ways your restaurant can engage

With the new school year around the corner, now’s the time to study up on ways to support students—and their families and educators. Get involved with these back-to-school ideas. (National Restaurant Association)

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How a Celebrity Chef Learned to Love Farmed and Frozen Fish

Wild-caught options tend to dominate the discussion about sustainable seafood, but Ocean Wise executive ehef Ned Bell is hoping to raise the profile of farmed and frozen fish as sustainable options. “Fish caught, processed and then frozen immediately … is going to be way fresher than a fish that lived on the boat for up to 10 days, got to the port, got processed and then was shipped on to your grocery store and could be upwards of 10 to 14 days old by the time you bring it home,” he says in this interview. (Oceans Deeply)

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Starbucks is quietly testing out healthier Frappuccino recipes

Starbucks is trying to win back Frappuccino customers with a healthier recipe. For more than a year, the company has been quietly testing new Frappuccino and flavored latte recipes in 600 stores across California, Missouri and Rhode Island. (CNN)

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Weekly Update: Golf FORE Education Tournament, Sept. 11 – Register Now!

Golf FORE Education Tournament, Sept. 11 – Register Now! The Washington Hospitality Association Education Foundation will present its annual Golf FORE Education, a fundraiser for ProStart, a culinary and management

Government Affairs Homepage Featured Washington State

Regional Meetings! Save the Date

Join the Government Affairs team as we travel the four corners of Washington state for regional meetings! Regional meetings are a way for you to provide input on what issues

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Hotel Developers Get Into School

Hotel developments that embrace universities and colleges have been a trend for years, writes Maya Sweedler. The Abernathy hotel in Clemson, S.C., is an example, incorporating references to Clemson University. (Wall Street Journal)

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How America’s motels became hipster havens

Throughout the US, neglected motels of the 1950s and 1960s are being refurbished as destinations for well-to-do minimalist travelers. These trendy properties contain vintage accessories, outdoor fireplaces and gourmet cuisine. (JLL Real Views)

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Domino’s extends pothole-filling grants to all 50 states

Domino’s Pizza Inc. has declared more Infrastructure Weeks. After the Ann Arbor, Mich.-based pizza giant in June announced it would distribute paving grants to help communities fill potholes, the company said it received more than 137,000 nominations from 15,275 ZIP codes across the country. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Restaurant Marketing Evolves Beyond the Menu

Fans of certain limited-service restaurant companies are wearing their passion for these brands on their sleeves—sometimes literally. A growing number of operators are designing brand-related apparel, accessories, and other novelty items in an effort to align themselves more closely to their customers. (QSR)

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Unlike stadiums, hotels lack U.S. protections for terrorism

LAS VEGAS — Stadiums, corporate buildings and other facilities that draw crowds have strengthened their security since 9/11, and in return, they have earned U.S. protections in the event their efforts fail to prevent a terrorist attack and they are sued. But hotels have not received the same safeguards. (Finance & Commerce)

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Former ProStart student shares lessons learned

Ashley Owens is one of many students returning to school this fall. A student at the University of Houston, the 19-year-old has big career plans, including owning and operating her own restaurant company. (National Restaurant Association)

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Trucker shortage is forcing restaurants to buy local

A shortage of truck drivers and rising shipping costs are driving more restaurants to seek out more affordable local produce. The National Restaurant Association supports a move to get more drivers on the road in an effort to bring down shipping costs, the association and other trade groups wrote in a letter June 18. (Daily Herald)

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Burritos to the door: Chipotle offering free delivery through DoorDash through Sept. 12

Chipotle Mexican Grill is expanding its delivery partnership with DoorDash. The fast-casual restaurant’s largest delivery partnership rolled out nationwide in late April, but now consumers can order their burritos for delivery directly from the Chipotle app or (USA Today)

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The Future of Telehealth Is Closer Than You Think

HIHIT now offers telehealth services as a creative and cost-effective way to connect your employees with the services they need in times of health crisis.