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Carrots get a reboot

The ongoing trend in plant-forward foods has led to the rediscovery and reuse of a number of underutilized vegetables, like cauliflower, which has been roasted, grilled and made into pizza crust; and celery, which has been braised, fried and turned into granita. Carrots, which quickly became a culinary focal point at the outset of the plant-forward trend, have remained a rich source of inspiration. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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NRA offers anti-sexual harassment webinars

Amid waves of sexual harassment claims in the restaurant industry over the past half year, the National Restaurant Association said Thursday that it is adding sexual harassment prevention training to its ServSafe program. The new program, called ServSafe Workplace, will be available through free webinars offered during the summer months, the association said. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

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Why brands should really be scared of Expedia

One of the bigger gripes leveled at brands is that there are too many of them. If you’ve attended any hospitality conference, you’ll recognize this as a frequent refrain uttered, as expected, by hotel owners. (Hotel Management)

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Operators work to get the experience right

From mobile ordering apps to in-store digital kiosks, technology has enabled restaurants to increase the speed of service for guests, but often at the expense of the dining experience. However, that may be changing as the latest research from The NPD Group reveals that today’s consumers are more interested than ever in memorable food and beverage experiences. (Restaurant Hospitality)

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How Panda Express grew through community involvement

Panda Express grew from a single location to more than 2,000 global units after launching in 1983, and the chain’s success has as much to do with community involvement as it does with the menu, co-founder Peggy Cherng said. “We are Chinese first-generation immigrants, and since we’ve been able to achieve the American dream, we feel a responsibility to pay it forward to the generations after us,” she said. (Entrepreneur)

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How Restaurants are Rethinking the Employee Experience

In an economy where one-of-a-kind experiences increasingly outweigh goods and commodities, restaurants are looking beyond serving value-conscious, high-quality meals. In addition to food and beverage, environment, technology, and service all play into the thoughtful and complete experience that diners crave. (QSR)

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Become an intern at the Washington Hospitality Association!

Employees discuss what experiences help them in their jobs. By Kristina Holtrop We all know that the Washington Hospitality Association helps communities around Washington State. What we might not know