Tip Pooling

Tip Pooling

As we notified you in May 2016, restaurant employers were granted a 45-day extension to institute changes to mandatory tip pooling while decisions were made at the Supreme Court. Previously, the deadline for changes was Dec. 5, 2016.  It was then moved to Jan. 19, 2017. Currently, that deadline is still extended for up to two months from that date.

Tip pooling is part of a rapidly changing regulatory and legal environment. While the National Restaurant Association has petitioned with the Supreme Court against the Department of Labor’s rules, the incoming Trump administration is expected to make major regulatory changes, which may include the DOL rule on tip pooling.

Because the current federal regulatory environment is so fluid, the Washington Hospitality Association urges its members to consult our Tip Pooling page at  http://wahospitality.org/tip-pooling-2016 for current information. We will keep you up-to-date with all the changes as they happen.


Rev. 1/23/17

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