As a reminder, Visa requires controls to be in place to prevent unauthorized transactions (sales and refunds) from entering its network. Transactions that bypass the normal authorization process expected by the card issuers, commonly referred to as “force posted transactions,” can result in costly card brand fees, fines and affect your bottom line.

To comply with this card brand rule, new controls will be put in place to prevent forced transactions, which have no matching authorization, from being processed, settled or funded. Beginning in April, if a transaction has not been authorized or does not have a matching valid authorization code, it may be declined or voided, and your business will not receive payment for that transaction.

To help ensure that you are funded for the payments you accept, please:

  • Review and update your payment acceptance practices so that all transactions are properly tied to valid authorizations.
  • Remember to submit authorization codes for force-posted transactions within seven days of the date they are issued.1

We are committed to helping you comply with card brand network rules so you can avoid unnecessary card brand fees and fines. If you have any questions, please contact our payment processing expert at .

1This time limit applies specifically to force-posted transactions. Normal transaction authorizations may still be valid after that time.

This article was originally published in Elavon’s Payment Smart newsletter. The Washington Hospitality Association’s payments processing system is backed by U.S. Bank/Elavon.