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Across the board (cutting boards)

What’s the center of your kitchen food-safety program? If it’s not the cutting boards, your efforts to produce pathogen-free food stand little chance of succeeding. In fact, kitchen cutting boards

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First Aid Instruction Available

THE MINER FAMILY Todd and Jonessa Miner live in Olympia, WA with their three children. Jonessa grew up in a logging family and all too regularly was aware of industrial

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Specialized Tax Incentives for Restaurants

You are a small business owner who owns and operates a restaurant. Your time is consumed with ensuring tables are turned and your business is moving forward.  You do not

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LED Lighting Discounts

Through a partnership with North American LED and the National Restaurant Association, WRA members receive special pricing on LED lighting. Legislation passed in 2007 phases in new energy efficient standards

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Best Practices Tip: Does Documentation Really Matter?

Yes! Documentation of employee performance aprogressive discipline is very important. In unemployment context, good documentation has a dirbearing on the success of your program. Did you know that about 50% of all avoidalosses for most TALX clients occur due to missingor incomplete documentation or a failure to provmisconduct?

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L&I marks one-year anniversary of Stay at Work program

One year into its new Stay at Work program, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) has reimbursed 568 employers with $2.5 million and helped 1,200 injured workers remain on the job, making it one of the fastest growing workers’ comp programs in the United States.

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Best Practices Tip: Effective Closing Statements

At the end of an unemployment hearing, employers and claimants in most states are given the opportunity to offer a closing statement. It is not always necessary to present a

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Best Practices Tip: Unemployment Eligibility Determinations

Eligibility for unemployment insurance, benefit amounts, and the length of time benefits are available are determined by the state law under which unemployment insurance claims are established.

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Restaurants Face Unique Challenges When “Going Green”

From eco-friendly paper towels to composting, individuals are progressively minimizing their impact on the environment by implementing a variety of initiatives throughout their homes and businesses. For restaurant operators, making these environmentally-friendly changes can seem daunting, but has the potential to improve their bottom line…

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Video: Durbin Amendment discussed

A special message regarding the Durbin Amendment. (2 minutes length)

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Unemployment claims may be costing you

Managing unemployment claims can be complicated and distract you from growing your business. Hearings and the hidden costs of turnover, amongst other issues, all start to add up

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Wise Buy and Urbanspoon team up to boost your traffic

Urbanspoon’s Rez online reservation application is designed to make it easier for customers to visit your restaurant. This month’s Wise Buy gives you access to this exciting tool FREE!

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Understand and manage your POS system

Point of sale (POS) systems are one of the most critical business tools for restaurant operators like you. They are powerful operating systems — but

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L&I Claims 101

Are managing L&I claims a headache for you? Take the mystery out of claims management. Learn the process a claim takes from initial filing of the report to claim closure at our January 12 Claims 101 webinar.

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Navigating online marketing for restaurants

Restaurant operators have a fantastic new opportunity and subsequent challenge on their plates today: engaging new and existing guests online. An incredible number of restaurant consumers are interacting with their