After busy primary election campaigns, voters across the state turned out Aug. 6 to decide who will move on to the general election on Nov. 5. So far, 29.39% of registered voters turned in their ballots. The top two candidates in each race will move forward if their leads hold. The election won’t be certified until Aug. 20, so these numbers could change as more ballots are counted. Check back here to see updates in the coming days.

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The political arm of Seattle’s hotels and restaurants, Seattle Hospitality for Progress, endorsed the following city council candidates who will move to the general election.

District 1: Phil Tavel (endorsed), 32.31%

Lisa Herbold, 50.63%

District 2: Mark Solomon (endorsed), 23.22%

Tammy Morales, 50.04%

District 3: Egan Orion (endorsed), 21.50%

Kshama Sawant, 36.69%

District 4: Alex Pedersen (endorsed), 40.37%

Shaun Scott, 23.24%

District 5: Debora Juarez (endorsed), 45.11%

Ann Davison Sattler, 26.74%

District 6: Heidi Wills (endorsed), 21.27%

Dan Strauss, 34.11%

District 7: Jim Pugel (endorsed), 24.77%

Andrew J. Lewis, 31.71%



The Tacoma Hospitality Alliance endorsed the following city council candidates. Only At-Large District 7 had a primary race because there were more than two candidates. The rest will automatically move onto the general election.

District 1: John Hines (endorsed)

Nathe Lawner

District 3: Keith Blocker (endorsed)

David Combs

At-large Position 7: Conor McCarthy (endorsed), 53.42%

Brett Johnson, 23.17%

At-large Position 8: John O’Loughlin (endorsed)

Kristina Walker



The Spokane Chapter of the Washington Hospitality Association recommended the following candidates who will move forward:

Mayor: Nadine Woodward (recommended), 40.11%

Ben Stuckart (recommended), 38.01%

Council president: Breean Beggs (recommended), 35.91%

Cindy Wendle (recommended), 30.52%

District 1: Michael Cathcart (recommended), 23.30%

Tim Benn, 26.00%

District 2: Lori Kinnear (recommended), 58.83%

Tony Kiepe, 22.99%

District 3: Karen Stratton (recommended), 47.37%

Andy Rathbun, 23.84%