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Take the Survey when contacted please!

The Washington Hospitality Association works with an outside company, Verometrics, to complete a membership survey every two years. The next survey will be conducted in February and March of 2018.

Bi-annually, the association works to recognize trends in member engagement and identify information sources that members pay attention to. The survey also includes a host of other indicators that guide the association towards alignment with member sentiments, needs, and desires.

We need you to take the survey if asked. The more members that take the survey, the more robust the results, and the better we can serve the industry’s community of needs.

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In preparation for the Survey: The question today is: what is your favorite association information source?
Memorize the name so you remember for the survey. We want to know what you read to get your information from.

Washington Hospitality Magazine: Delivered monthly, created by the association’s writers, focused on the current issues that directly affect operators in the state. Let us know in the survey if the magazine is where you get your information.

The Washington Hospitality Association Website:  Found at www.wahospitality.org it is our flagship digital property. If the news you seek is hospitality focused, in the state or nation, there is no better place to start your search for information than the association website.

Social Media Platforms are one of the association’s “nexus points.” Adding a quick run through Washington Hospitality’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages is always worth the time. Social Media is also a quick way to share your thoughts and feelings with the larger hospitality community as well. Check out our news feeds every day.

The Association’s weekly newsletters provide a dose of industry data every week.

Tools for the Trade: comes out on Wednesdays. You can subscribe here if you do not already receive the e-mail. This email is pointed towards the cost saving solutions that the association works diligently to provide. A complete list of the Association’s programs can be found here.

Hospitality Weekly: email newsletter comes out on Thursdays. This email focuses on the news that matters to hospitality organizations, “right now!”

The Legislative News email comes out every Friday during the legislative session. The email is a weekly recap of what has happened up on the hill in Olympia in the week. The purpose of this email is to make sure members have up to date information on the movement of critical bills through the houses, and informs members regarding the association’s voice and positions in those chambers.

Text Alerts are available during the legislative session. This communication vehicle ensures that up to date and immediate political information is at your fingertips. Texts often contain “action alerts” and can be a serious tool for moving legislators towards understanding the will of the community. Text alerts help encourage members to contact their congress people and senators when critical votes are on the line. To sign up for action alerts text the word “serve” to the number 52886.

So, now, if you are contacted abouts, we heartily encourage take it. We also want you to have in mind the association information source that you use most. We want to know what they are and why!

Help the Association get you the information you need, immediately, each time you find yourself looking for solutions! Take the survey when you are contacted!