The Washington Hospitality Association State Government Affairs team secured a HUGE WIN for the hospitality industry during the 2022 legislative session. We advocated for relief for the thousands of hospitality operators in Washington who did not receive major relief like the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF). Lawmakers agreed and approved $100 million in pandemic relief grant funding for the hospitality industry.

Roughly one year later the wait is almost over! The Washington State Department of Commerce aims to open the $100 million hospitality grant application portal on Tuesday, March 14.

You can get started by going to for the grant program details.

Eligibility criteria for the grant can be found here. And you can watch a quick overview of the application process in the video below.

For many operators, receiving RRF funds made all the difference between keeping the doors open and shuttering them for good. The legislative intent for this latest round of relief funding is to award grants to hospitality operators that did not receive any RRF funds. This is an opportunity for even more operators to continue serving their communities who may otherwise close for good without financial assistance.

Like our members, one of the core values of the Washington Hospitality Association is a passion to serve. We are eager to serve and assist members as our industry continues along the long road to recovery.

Thank you again for your membership, and please reach out if you have any questions or need any assistance during the grant application process.

Webinar: WA Hospitality Grants Program Introduction

This informational webinar covered program details, eligibility criteria, what you will need to apply for this grant and a walk-through of the application process. Q & A was addressed by the panel and presenter and will be posted here soon.