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2024 Wage Changes, Public Safety Toolkit & Alcohol Delivery News 🍷

As 2023 winds down, get prepped for the 2024 wage spike to $16.28/hr, and see how it affects overtime exempt salaries. Local businesses in Seattle, SeaTac, and Tukwila – there are tailored wage changes for you, depending on various factors. Plus, ensure your business remains a safe space amidst rising vandalism and violence with our new Public Safety Toolkit. And good news for restaurateurs: alcohol delivery and takeout privileges continue. Dive deep into the details with our upcoming webinar on November 8. Stay informed and thrive, all thanks to our sponsor, Healthcare Solutions. 🌲🍴🍷

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Nov 9: Unlock Industry Success at Washington Hospitality Conference 2023!

Get ready for the Washington Hospitality Conference 2023 on November 9! 📆 Hosted by the renowned Washington Hospitality Association & Washington State University’s School of Hospitality. Join industry leaders, students, and experts for unparalleled networking opportunities at the lavish Hyatt Regency Seattle. Immerse in the latest trends in tourism, technology, sustainability, with a special keynote from Ivar’s President, Bob Donegan! Plus, valuable funding insights from Adesso Capital and a crucial restaurant operations survey. Secure your spot NOW at web.wahospitality.org!

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New Heat Rules, Winning the Hiring Game & Updating ‘Know Your Rights’ Posters | Essential News for Washington Hospitality Employers!

In this episode, we cover key updates vital for Washington hospitality business owners. Discover the new Outdoor Heat Exposure Rules for employees and gain insights into our members-only webinar aimed at navigating today’s challenging hiring landscape. Plus, stay compliant with the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act by updating your ‘Know Your Rights’ poster. From new state regulations to winning in the recruitment game, we’ve got the News You Need To Know. Find additional resources at wahospitality.org. Thanks for watching, and special thanks to Adesso for their sponsorship.

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Two-Minute Video: What you need to know 2/21/23

The Washington State Senate is considering a change to the legal blood alcohol limit, which could have big impacts; there are new laws that hospitality operators need to be aware of in 2023 so the Washington Hospitality Association held a webinar that covered what you need to know; This year, the legislature is considering a thirteen million dollar boost to tourism.

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Two-Minute Video: What you need to know 2/7/23

Starting March 1st, the Washington State Food Code requires at least one certified food protection manager or CFPM per establishment. CFPM’s must be certified through an American National Standards Institute accredited program. Washington Hospitality Association members can sign up for training and certification. Source through our quick bytes toolkit. The toolkit also has more information about this requirement; The Washington Hospitality Association is hosting a webinar to help you navigate the new employment and labor laws of 2023; Finally, we’d like to take this time to thank everyone who attended our virtual Hill Climb!

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15,000 WA businesses to receive restitution in labor poster scam

If so, you may be entitled to a refund plus interest. Two Florida-based companies were recently ordered to pay nearly $25 million in penalties and restitution in a labor poster scam targeting Washington businesses. As a reminder, association members don’t need to worry about getting labor posters – we send you a complimentary labor poster every year. Your 2023 labor poster will be in your mailbox soon.

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What you need to know about Washington’s new job posting requirements

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, employers with 15 or more employees will be required to include salary and benefits information in external and internal job postings. Head over to the members-only site to get a full recap of Catharine Morisset’s excellent webinar where she explains everything you need to know to comply with these recent amendments to the Equal Pay and Opportunities Act.

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