Tip pool victory bridges heart-of-house wage gap

Tip pool victory bridges heart-of-house wage gap https://wahospitality.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/TIP-POOLING-800-x-500.png


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Tip pool victory bridges heart-of-house wage gap in restaurant industry

(OLYMPIA, WASH., APRIL 2, 2018) – Washington restaurants can now share tips with heart-of-the-house employees.

A federal spending bill passed March 23 abolished a 2011 rule that prohibited tip pooling in all circumstances with non-customarily tipped employees. Now, employers are once again allowed the opportunity to expand tip pools and share the tips among a broader range of employees in states where tips are not recognized as wages.

This change allows tip sharing among both customarily and non-customarily tipped employees, including dishwashers and cooks.

The new legislation also makes it clear at the federal level that tips belong to the workers who receive them and that owners, managers and supervisors are prohibited from sharing in tip pools.

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