2018 Hospitality Convention Open for Registration

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The first goal of our Hospitality Convention is to deliver solutions for our members all in one place at one time.  We are expressing this value by bringing hospitality businesses together with vendors and asking them to collaborate on solutions that find the right answer at the right time, for whatever issue is at hand.  The Association’s first goal is to deliver valuable solutions for the issues you and your business face each day.  

A great example is the raft of issues that have arrived with third party delivery companies (think UberEats).  At all the Hospitality Convention we will have panel discussing best practicessurrounding issues like this one.  Our goal is to present ways to leverage third party services and capitalize on them.  Our goal is to present new products and services that can help your organization thrive along with thought leadership that can help businesses navigate changing economic climates in the state.  

The Hospitality Convention will also provide several ideas that help operators understand how to deliver great local, personal experiences for their guests.  At a recent hospitality summit the association introduced Mark Freeman, Sr. Services Manager, Microsoft Global Dining as a keynote speaker. He spoke about IT integration with food service providers and how new ways of number crunching have led to predictive forecasting for his operations that are easier and highly productive.  

By bringing leaders in the industry to the Hospitality Convention to share ideas, attendees will have a chance to hear how other operators have been able to focus directly on their customers experience and how to continuously strive to improve it.  

 We understand, as operators, that our organizations help our communities thrive. Hospitality connects communities like no other industry.  The local Hospitality Convention is a way for hospitality professionals to connect, share ideas, get to know each other and create a strong web of community connection right in the region of the state where they live. This is one of the tremendous values of the Hospitality Convention.  The Hospitality Convention is where hospitality minds meet, discuss and identify ideas that move the industry forward.  

This year the Hospitality Convention will have two new aspects to celebrate.  Formerly known as the “Lodging Convention” the event is now welcoming all kinds of hospitality organizations including restaurants and tourism. Secondly, the event will be held at a new location and new hotel property. Positioned between the shores of Lake Washington and I-405, the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport will provide upscale accommodations for all attendees. The hotel is located only nine miles from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, making getting here easier than ever.  

Use the links below to connect with the Hospitality Convention website and register your spot today.  Every year convention tickets are a hot item.  Get yours now.  

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