April 10, 2024 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
NEW DATE!! [Ask a Lawyer] Salary transparency unveiled: Navigating new job posting policies

NEW DATE!! A recent Seattle Times article highlighted the increasing number of class action lawsuits filed against business owners for failing to comply with the state’s pay transparency requirements for job postings.

In short, employers with 15 or more employees must disclose wage scales or salary ranges, benefits information and any other compensation in all postings for a job opening. This includes internal and external postings.

You could be subject to civil penalties of up to $5,000 per applicant, attorneys’ fees and other costs if your job postings are not compliant. These penalties are so steep that an honest mistake could harm your business.

Join Catherine Morisset, an employment attorney from Fisher Phillips, to learn pay transparency rules.

This webinar is for Washington Hospitality Association members only. Join us at 10 a.m., April 3.