On Feb. 19, Gov. Jay Inslee put his signature on two bills that will significantly help the hospitality industry sustain in the coronavirus pandemic. Your State Government Affairs team has worked tirelessly this session to quickly secure relief WINS for your business.

[WIN] Federal Funding/COVID-19, House Bill 1368

House Bill 1368 provides $2.2 billion in relief in several areas, including $240 million in grants to small businesses through the Department of Commerce’s Working Washington grant program. Eligible businesses may receive up to $75,000. The Senate voted to approve the bill last week and was signed today. We’ll keep you updated on when the application process opens and we’ll provide you the details on how to apply. Learn more details here. 

[WIN] Emergency Assistance/Tax, House Bill 1095

House Bill 1095 makes it clear that B&O, utility and retail sales taxes do not apply to coronavirus relief grants received by your business. This bill has passed the Senate on Feb. 10 and was signed into law today.

Your association will continue to advocate for relief until the close of this legislative session.