Quarter 2 is a busy time of the year full of changes. After we set our clocks forward, Washington hospitality operators have a lot to look forward to. Spring brings warm weather, a surge in tourism and taxes. After you’ve cleared the hurdle of Tax Day, you have more state requirements like L&I quarterly reports to look forward to. Hospitality operators should make sure to remember these important deadlines, and when the time comes to file you can reference some of the links and resources below. 

Next filing deadline: Federal taxes due April 18 


Featured reminder: L&I quarterly reports due: May 2 

With Tax Day looming, workers’ comp premiums might not be top of mind. But employers also need to file their quarterly report and pay premiums to the Department of Labor & Industries no later than May 2. The reports and premiums due on May 2 will be for the first quarter (Jan. 1-March 31). 

Remember, all employers must file a report — even if you don’t have any hours to report or premiums due. If you need to close your L&I account, you can do that by filling out the corresponding section in the report.  

If you are enrolled in a payment plan using L&I’s Employer Assistance Program, you must make a new request each quarter.  

Learn more about filing online with the L&I QuickFile application. 


April 18 – Business taxes due to IRS 

April 18 is the filing deadline for businesses that are not S corporations or partnerships (March 15). 

Below are resources and forms to help you file your taxes. As always, consult with your CPA for tax advice specific to your business.  

And don’t forget, your membership with the Washington Hospitality Association gives you access to free, personalized consulting through our Advisory Network. One of our business tax consultants can assist with your IRS questions regarding B&O, IRS taxes and more. Call 1-800-225-7166 and we’ll connect you to one of our world-class consultants. 

Helpful portals and tax forms 


Tax filing 

Reporting Washington state taxes 


Dates to remember: Filing deadlines for Washington businesses  

State and local excise tax filing frequencies are assigned by the Washington State Department of Revenue based on what you estimate for your yearly business income.  


April 15 – Excise tax returns due for annual filers (2021) 

  • 9% penalty begins: April 18, 2022 
  • 19% penalty begins: June 1, 2022  
  • 29% penalty begins: July 1, 2022 

April 25 – Excise tax returns due for monthly filers (March) 

  • 9% penalty begins: April 26 
  • 19% penalty begins: June 1 
  • 29% penalty begins: July 1 

April 30 – Excise tax returns due for quarterly filers (January, February, March) 

  • 9% penalty begins: May 3 
  • 19% penalty begins: June 1 
  • 29% penalty begins: July 1 

April 30 – Unemployment taxes due for quarter one (January, February, March)  

You can file unemployment taxes online with the Washington State Employment Security Department (ESD) using their Employer Account Management Services system (EAMS) or by submitting original paper forms. 

You can pay your unemployment taxes online using ePay but cannot file and will need a confirmation number generated from EAMS.