The Tukwila minimum wage/access to hours initiative that voters approved in November takes effect July 1. The ordinance raises the minimum wage in Tukwila for employers with 500 or more employees worldwide to $18.99/hour and it will adjust annually every Jan. 1 thereafter. Franchisees are included in this ordinance.

Mid-size employers with fewer than 500 employees phase in the wage over three years to match the larger employer level. The new minimum wage rate for these businesses is $16.99 on July 1. Mid-size employers’ minimum wage will be $1 less per hour than larger employers in the second year and match the larger employers in the third year.

Employers with 15 employees and less than $2 million in annual gross revenue are excluded.

The ordinance also includes an access-to-hours component where employers must offer additional hours to qualified part-time employees before hiring new employees.

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