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Since dining and lodging are two of society’s oldest types of businesses, the industry can be hesitant to embrace new technology. In reality, the seemingly straightforward concepts of preparing a meal or offering a room  could benefit immensely from

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Third Party Delivery: What You Need to Know

By Andy Cook & Paul Schlienz   If you’re in the hospitality business, chances are that third-party delivery services are very much on your mind. And they should be. You’ve

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Technology Forward: McDonald’s embrace of new tech keeps up with the changing times

By Lisa Leinberger   McDonald’s has been changing the very nature of quick-service since it got its start in 1948. In its earliest days, the company streamlined and revolutionized cooking

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Tech-savvy guests seek online information, ordering options

Smart operators can leverage technology to attract guests About six in 10 consumers say they’re likely to choose one restaurant over another based on whether they can look at menus

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What Will New Technologies Bring to Hospitality?

Computer technology giant Oracle has been looking into consumer attitudes toward new technologies and recently announced the findings of two hospitality research initiatives: Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025.

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Tech Watch: Far-reaching Trends You Should Know About

Digital Waitlists Thanks to a variety of apps and services, your waitlist no longer has to be managed with pencil and eraser, and your guests no longer need to cram

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[From the CEO] Tech: OK—but how?

By Anthony Anton, president & CEO In May, I proclaimed 2018 the Age of Disrupters in my State of the Industry talk. Definition of a Disrupter: a: to be the


Outsource Key Areas to Minimize Risk and Maximize Return

By Rick Braa, CHAE   Q: As I look at the structure of our company, I realize I don’t have my arms around all of it. What is the best


Employee Safety Alert Systems for Hotels

Here’s a quick overview of technology options that can help Seattle hotels comply with Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 14.25, which concerns hotel employees’ health and safety. SMC 14.25 has been


Eye on Hospitality: Scam Alert for Hotels – Don’t Be a Victim!

By Paul Schlienz Scammers are, unfortunately, everywhere. If there’s a method of making easy, but illicit money off innocent victims, you can be sure someone somewhere is doing it. Sadly,


Trend Tracker: What Makes a Restaurant ‘Hot’ And Why Should You Care?

Consumers are always looking for the next new, hot thing. And that’s no different in the world of restaurants. (Forbes)


This Is Why Hotels Are Removing Minibars (and Desks and Closets)

Hotels are having an identity crisis. As technology wreaks havoc throughout society and as millennials decide their parents’ lifestyle just isn’t for them, hotels are tearing out their hair, wondering what on earth people want anymore. (Inc.)


Leaders of Fazoli’s, Saladworks, Fresh Brothers Pizza, Grimaldi’s, Focus Brands: ‘Change is coming’

The sands are shifting almost daily and almost on every front: That’s the verdict from five restaurant industry leaders who shared their views Monday on the state of the industry at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago Saturday. About 70 executives and future franchisees watched the discussion as part of an education session called, “Lessons from Leaders.” (Pizza Marketplace)


Hotels add plugs, ports for device-laden guests

Stephen Delaney travels with a laptop, an iPad, two cellphones and a backup power pack to keep all his devices charged. When he walks into a hotel guestroom, he scours for the power outlets and USB ports. (USA Today)


The Positives and Negatives of Digital Payments

Thinking about integrating mobile payments into your payment options? While only 16% of consumers have utilized digital payments, many more would be willing to use it as their primary payment method