Tech-savvy guests seek online information, ordering options

Tech-savvy guests seek online information, ordering options

Smart operators can leverage technology to attract guests

About six in 10 consumers say they’re likely to choose one restaurant over another based on whether they can look at menus online or read online reviews before they get to the restaurant.


Restaurant technology a factor for millennials in particular

Millennials are more likely than Gen Xers and baby boomers to weigh technology options as they choose a restaurant.

Smartphones are now the norm

Seventy-seven percent of all adults in the United States now have a smart phone, and more consumers are using their phones for restaurant- and hotel-related activities. The most common activity is looking up basic information like locations and menus, but consumers are increasingly using smartphones for activities like online ordering, deliveries, rewards programs and reading or posting reviews.


Guests engage with restaurants on mobile devices

Almost nine in 10 smartphone users say they use their phones to look up restaurant locations, directions or hours.


A third of restaurants accept mobile payments

The mobile-pay-acceptance rate is higher for limited-service and chain restaurants.

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