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What Will New Technologies Bring to Hospitality?

Computer technology giant Oracle has been looking into consumer attitudes toward new technologies and recently announced the findings of two hospitality research initiatives: Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025.

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Tech Watch: Far-reaching Trends You Should Know About

Digital Waitlists Thanks to a variety of apps and services, your waitlist no longer has to be managed with pencil and eraser, and your guests no longer need to cram

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[From the CEO] Tech: OK—but how?

By Anthony Anton, president & CEO In May, I proclaimed 2018 the Age of Disrupters in my State of the Industry talk. Definition of a Disrupter: a: to be the

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Tip Pooling Q&A

Your real-world questions answered by the Washington Hospitality Association Q: Regarding employees declaring cash tips – what is the employer’s responsibility on this? If all employees don’t declare their cash

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Best practices: Mandatory tip pooling policies and procedures

The big change • The tip pool rule that barred certain employers from setting up tip-pooling arrangements under which tipped employees can share tips with their non-tipped colleagues was repealed

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Ignorance is not bliss: Proactive Approaches to Address Sex-based Harassment

By Catharine Morisset & Meg Burnham, Fisher Phillips   Over the past 20 years, sex-based workplace discrimination charges have been one of the most common employee-asserted claims before the federal

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Doing Service Charges (Correctly)

By Paul Schlienz Restaurateurs have been responding to changes, including higher minimum wages and uncertainty about tip pooling, in a variety of ways. One response is to get rid of tips all together

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These Doctors Did Not (throw in the towel)

If you would like more information regarding Direct Primary Care options and your association healthcare solutions – click here One of the most profound changes brought about by the Affordable

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Business Supplies (Fetish?)

Okay, let’s get real. You know you love the label maker.  Not just because its cool, but because its an efficient tool that helps guide people through the rest of

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Seattle updates its paid sick and safe time law in response to new state paid sick leave requirements.

Seattle has had a paid sick leave ordinance in place since 2012 that requires employers with four or more full-time employees to provide workers with paid sick leave to care

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Toolkit — Paid Sick Leave (I-1433)

Washington’s Paid Sick Leave law, under Initiative 1433, began January 1, 2018. The following links and information in this toolkit will be a starting place for help you get in

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Getting Creative: Retaining and Growing Great Employees in a Tight Labor Market

Employers are facing a challenging environment with a tight labor market where job seekers may just have the upper hand.

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Seize the Day (with Instagram Stories)

by Pia Larson It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different social media platforms available today. What is often more daunting is making sense of all the advice everyone gives

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What is a Health Savings Account? ( HSA – good idea?)

Health Savings Accounts, which let you save for current and future health care expenses on a tax-free basis, turned 10 years old this year.  Yet a decade after they were introduced

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Tuition Assistance Partnership Announced

Washington State University announces tuition assistance partnership with Washington Hospitality Association for online MBA, EMBA PULLMAN, Wash. (Sept. 08, 2017) — A new educational partnership between Washington State University (WSU)