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11 questions about music licensing

Music is one of the most important elements to establishing the mood in your restaurant. But make sure you have the necessary licensing to comply with copyright statutes. Performing rights organizations, such as BMI and ASCAP, act as intermediaries between restaurants and performing arts to protect intellectual property. Restaurants pay a fee to the performing rights organizations, which return most of the fee to songwriters, publishers and composers.

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IRS Offers Tips for Year-End Giving

Individuals and businesses making contributions to charity should keep in mind several important tax law provisions that have taken effect in recent years.

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Q & A: Restaurants and POS options

QUESTION: My POS system needs to be replaced so I’m evaluating the different options. Things have changed since I first bought my POS, what do you think of the iPad-based systems?

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As food costs are rising, small measures can help ease pressure

About one-third of sales in a typical restaurant goes to food and beverage purchases, making cost management in the kitchen critically important to maintaining profitability.

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Liquor Control Board to consider prohibiting “restaurant pricing” for spirits

  After liquor privatization passed in 2011, restaurants have been able to negotiate their own terms with suppliers for spirits and wine. Some distributors have developed pricing programs to help

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LED or Incandescent? – The savings are instantaneous once you screw in the LED lamp!

All of the Puget Sound Utilities have programs to assist their customers to upgrade their lighting, but the nuts and bolts may vary just a little. Large utilities are mandated by I-937 to get at least 15% of their power from renewable sources (Wind, Solar, etc.) by 2020.

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Four ways restaurants lose money but don’t have to

QUESTION: I’m losing money and I’ve been trying as hard as I can but I know I need to stop what we’re doing and reinvest/rebrand, we’re just not going to make it as is. What mistakes can I avoid this time around?

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State DOR issues special notice on new tax exemption of charcoal, wood, etc.

Background Engrossed substitute senate bill (ESSB) 5882 (Chapter 13, Laws of 2013) Section V provides a sales and use tax exemption for purchases by restaurants of the following two types

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Cover charges for opportunity to dance reclassified until July 1, 2017

Summary Effective October 1, 2013, Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill (ESSB) 5882 (Chapter 13, Laws of 2013) provides that amusement and recreation services do not include the opportunity to dance provided

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Are restaurants still recovering from the Great Recession?

By Eric McWhinnie, Wall St. Cheat Sheet August 06, 2013 The strength of the U.S. economy is one of the most debated topics in finance. Economic reports continue to show

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Why your menu needs fewer items

By Ian Said, FohBoh While it may be tempting to offer your customers a large selection of menu items, it is actually far more profitable for your business to limit

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The advantage of using a consultant in driving your business

I’ve been thinking about using a consultant to help me with my business. How do I know if one is qualified, and what are some advantages of using a consultant?

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How healthy is your draught system? – The proof is in the flavor

Have you ever wondered why your favorite beer tastes so deliciously good at your favorite watering hole, and yet the same brew just doesn’t quite cut it at another? At one place, the beer is perfect; it possesses the flavor you expect, and you’re happy.

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Refresh your business to stay on trend

My concept seems to be getting a little stale and sales are stagnant. It’s time to reinvigorate and reinvest in our restaurant. Where do I start?

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Look Out For Drive-By ADA Lawsuits: Are You Ready?

Over the past several years, hoteliers, retailers and restaurant owners across the country have been slapped with thousands of private lawsuits for failing to meet the precise guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).