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Minimum Wage

There are currently five minimum wages in Washington state:   State Minimum Wage Due to the passage of Initiative 1433, in Nov. 2016, the state minimum wage: Increased to $11

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Service charges

Below is a general overview of service charges. It is not intended as legal advice, and is not an exhaustive discussion of the topic. If you have questions about any

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Seattle Minimum Wage

Disclaimer – You are reading archive content on minimum wage. For the most current information, visit: https://wahospitality.org/resources/minimum-wage-resources/ On June 2, 2014 the Seattle City Council voted to implement a city ordinance

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Seattle Minimum Wage Guide: Crash Course

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re finishing off our “Minimum Wage Survival Guide” series with a bare-bones guide of all the most important points we’ve covered so far.

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Seattle Minimum Wage Guide: More on Tips

Almost daily, new stories are coming out about how restaurants are handling tipping in Seattle. Some restaurants have done away with tipping altogether. While there is no set way regarding

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Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 employers. Which one are you?

A critical part of implementing the Seattle Minimum wage ordinance is understanding if you are Schedule 1 or 2 employer (big or small). If you employ 501 or more employees

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Seattle Minimum Wage Schedule of Wage Increases – For Schedule 1 Employer

EFFECTIVE DATE   Minimum Wage Minimum Wage w/ Health Care 4/1/2015 11.00 11.00 1/1/2016 13.00 12.50 2017 15.00 13.50 2018 Tied to inflation[i] 15.00 2019 Tied to inflation N/A[ii] 2020

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Tips: a resource

Tips: an overview of the legal requirements. Tips and how they figure into the Seattle Minimum Wage Ordinance is complicated. Much of the ordinance is complex. In order to help

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Minimum Wage Increase – Seattle FAQ

In 2014, the City of Seattle passed an ordinance that, if implemented as written, will increase Seattle’s minimum wage to $15 per hour over the next three to seven years.